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Texas House of Representatives, Rep. Sergio Muñoz, Jr.

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Legislative Intern
Student: Government Senior

Interning for Representative Muñoz Jr. at the Texas House of Representatives has been a life changing experience. Throughout the internship I have developed better communication and interpersonal skills among many others. My education and appreciation of the Texas legislature has grown exponentially. I have come to admire all lawmakers no matter what side of the political spectrum they identify with.  Coming into the office every morning presented itself with various tasks and required strict discipline. Although working in a bureaucracy can be stressful, it was well worth the time spent.

My position is legislative aide and my responsibilities consisted of: keeping the representative out of trouble, making sure he was always prepared, and keeping him updated on legislation. The first assignment of each day was getting the mail and checking my capitol email to see what was happening that day.  Typically the Chief of Staff will give out assignment on a case by case basis. Assignments can vary from typing out constituents letters and mailing them to attending a committee meeting. Every meeting you attend requires a memo; this is the standard for the office. During my internship I have created a newsletter every week for media outlets, delivered boxes of grapefruit to every office in the capitol, filed legal documents such as bills, resolutions, and amendments daily. Keeping up with legislation was a daily responsibility and I would update over a hundred bills along with make bill analysis for the representative.

In most cases the work was done within the office but on occasion required us to attend events outside of our internship. Work done outside of the internship consisted of attending receptions and hand delivering or retrieving messages. This aspect was very sociable and developed specifically my interpersonal skills. In short working in a bureaucracy is a stressful environment and receptions allow for representatives and in general offices to unwind in a nonpolitical environment.

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