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Texas Senate, Sen. Dan Patrick

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Legislative Intern (Texas Senate Education Committee)
Student: Government Senior

There are a variety of internships available within the Texas Senate. I personally chose to work within the Texas Senate Education Committee because I have interest in the policies surrounding the committee. The internship itself will vary depending on the year and if the legislature is in session. If you are unfamiliar, the legislature meets in regular session on the second Tuesday in January each odd numbered year, and it will last for the duration of your spring semester classes.  I highly suggest making a point of working at the Capitol during that time, my internship was during session and it made my time there particularly memorable.

There are a couple of possible scenarios when describing a typical day of interning at the Capitol.  One day could include arriving at the committee office at eight in the morning, and checking in with the supervisor. You would then sign-in to your computer and manage phones and messages for staff within the office. You would also be in charge of completing filing and organizational tasks, or other various policy research. A typical day could also consist of working a committee hearing. This was my personal favorite, because each hearing is different and covers a large range of topics in a few short hours. Committee hearings will normally require you to arrive at seven in the morning, so you can help the assistant clerk set up the room. During the hearing you will assist in passing out handouts and making copies for the Senators and their staff.  In either scenario you are given ample opportunity to learn and take on various tasks that will challenge you in different ways.

I highly suggest applying for an internship with a Senate committee that interests you! You will get the most out of your time if you are passionate about the policies surrounding the committee! 

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