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Robert Vega, Director FAC 18 / 2304 Whitis Ave. Stop G6200 78712-1508 • 512-471-7900

The University of Texas at Austin Human Resource Services

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: HR Intern
Student: Anthropology Sophomore

Interning at the Human Resources Department required a strict commitment to the values of the values here at UT. A typical morning consisted of me coming in at 10 am and checking in with my boss Mr. James/Jim McElroy, also known as the director of the Human Resources Services Department. Once I checked in with Mr. McElroy, he would have something assigned for me to do for each particular day. A friendly and jolly fellow he would also take the time out to get to know me as a student too.

The morning responsibilities usually consisted of learning Human Resource Systems such as the new People software and the online applications as well as databases. I not only had to learn the exterior of these systems but also the internal work HR put into making such complex programs to increase efficiency. However, on Monday mornings the routine would be a little different. I would have to attend the New Employee Welcome Orientation with Mr. McElroy. I would assist with the background and help set up the different stations for the incoming staff and faculty.

My afternoon shift consisted of establishing rapport with my colleagues as well as other UT employees. I worked closely with Ms. Michelle Bennett to organize the huge President’s Outstanding Staff Awards. I would make phone calls, send emails, and interact with other HR staff to make sure we were on schedule. This communication allowed me a chance to ask serious questions and figure out my future plans as a college sophomore.

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