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Jobs, Internships & On-Campus Interviews

Job & Internship Postings

UT Liberal Arts students have access to job and internship posting sites offering opportunities for all career interests in Texas and around the world. Research the variety of positions available at our Job & Internship Postings page then visit with a Career Coach to discuss application strategies and how to craft an effective resume.

For a comprehensive list of job and internship search resources to help you research, prepare and connect with opportunities, visit our Job & Internship Search Guide site.

On-Campus Interviews

Some employers choose to conduct on-campus interviews in our office for prospective candidates for full-time jobs and internships. In most cases, you must have an account in our BTT Gateway recruiting system to participate in interviews - BTT Gateway facilitates the application and interview scheduling process.

Most interviews take place in our offices, FAC 18, while some take place in other UT Career Services office like The School of Business or College of Communication. In some cases, employers prefer to conduct the interviews in only one college, and will invite students from other UT colleges to apply. BTT Gateway will inform you of where the interviews are being conducted.

So check out BTT Gateway to see who's interviewing on campus this year! You can also reference our on-line calendar.

As with any interview, make sure to prepare, dress in professional attire, and arrive a few minutes early.

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