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Your experience in research and analysis is valuable preparation for intelligence work in agencies such as the FBI, CIA, or NSA, since intelligence officers are expected to distill information from a wide range of sources: reports from intelligence agents on the ground, intercepted communications, satellite images, and media within the region being studied. For this reason, higher degrees are desirable. Critical language and cultural skills are also highly sought after in this field.

Another responsibility of intelligence officers is presenting information so politicians or military personnel can make decisions about how to conduct domestic or international affairs. In addition to research and writing skills, a relevant qualification academics bring with them is the ability to communicate confidently with highly credentialed and experienced experts like these.

These jobs can be very secure since the government invests so much time and money in hiring and training intelligence officers. In return, you must be strongly committed to the challenging work and must be willing to travel. Intelligence work can be a fulfilling way to put your advanced knowledge and skill set to use in serving your country.

For more information about intelligence work, see the LACS Guide, "So You Want to Work in…Intelligence."
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