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Defining "International" In Your Job Search



Not every international opportunity is located outside the USA. The way you work internationally will depend on your interests and personal situation. One way to determine your international interests is to consider where you want to live and how much you want to travel. Here are some options to consider:

Live In A Foreign Country

Work for a foreign-owned business or school

  • Teach English as a second language in the JET program
  • Work as an "Americanizer" in a British publishing firm

Work for an American business

  • Disneyland Paris
  • American law firm with offices abroad

Work for the American government

  • Foreign Service position
  • US Army and Air Force Exchange

Live In The United States

Work for an international company

  • Guinness PLC in Stanford, CT (British)

  • Nestle in Glendale, CA (Swiss)

Work for an American organization with occasional travel outside the USA

  • Buyer for a major department store
  • International Education Coordinator for an American college or university

  • American banks with international offices

  • American consulting firms

  • Import/Export businesses

  • Federal government positions

  • Teach

Work with people of another culture

  • Social service organization which helps new immigrants

  • Social work in Florida, Texas, or California

  • Multicultural/international student advisor at a college or university

Travel Constantly

 Pursue a career in the transportation or travel industry, particularly:

  • Cruise ship worker

  • Tour guide

  • Pilot

Pursue Your International Interests Regardless of Your Career

  • Volunteer with international organizations

  • Participate in international exhibits and programs in an American city

  • Join clubs or international organizations

  • Visiting museums, art galleries, or film showings of international interest

  • Attend local ethnic festivals

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