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Great Britain and Ireland


General Sites for Great Britain

British Council and British Information Services

United Kingdom Official Graduate Careers Site

 Jobs in Great Britain, Ireland and elsewhere in research, science, academic, teaching and management.

 UK recruitment directory with work related and regional categories.

S-COM Computer Systems Engineers Ltd
 An employment service for computer-related jobs.
 Contains job listings including entry level positions.


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Agency Central


Real World Magazine

London Recruitment

Front Recruitment
 Receptionist and hospitality jobs in London.




Transforming Your American Resume Into An Irish CV
Special thanks to the career services staff at Dublin business school

Irish CV's follow many of the same rules as American resumes.

  • Use action verbs
  • Write in short phrases, not complete sentences
  • Focus on skills you've acquired, particularly computer skills, languages, communication, etc.
  • Include volunteer experiences

Even though Americans and the Irish speak the same language, some aspects differ between their resume styles:

  • What Americans call a resume, the Irish call a curriculum vitae or CV.
  • Dates should be listed: day/month/year. Thus, December 15, 2010 would be listed as: "15 December 2010".
  • Put "USA" after the state, in the addresses of American sites where you've worked.
  • Spelling is different in Irish-English from American-English. Where possible, try to use the Irish spelling. "Program", for instance is "programme"; "utilize" is "utilise".
  • Majors are called "specialisations". Terms like "Dean's list" or "GPA" are not used in Ireland. Translate your GPA as follows:
    • GPA= 1st class honours;
    • 3.5-3.9 GPA = 2nd class honours, grade 1;
    • 3.0-3.4 GPA = 2nd class honours, grade 2;
    • GPA under 3.0 = no distinction (therefore, omit your GPA if it is under 3.0).


Irish Job Listings

 Recruitment within Ireland, international jobs (outside of Ireland), plus special sections for engineers, accountants, and recent graduates.

Recruit Ireland

Best Jobs in Ireland

Jobs Nation



Recruit NI

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