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There are hundreds of opportunities for internships abroad. Internships provide a great experience without any commitment beyond the initial agreed-upon time.

  • Many are connected directly to study abroad programs which require you to enroll and pay tuition and fees.
  • The work is usually "voluntary" and it is harder to find a paid internship abroad.
  • Most fall within the academic calendar: either one or two semesters or a summer.
  • Evaluate each opportunity carefully.
  • You can also try to set up your own internship without using a program.
    • Research the organizations and countries in which you'd like to do your internship.
    • Send a cover letter and resume and explain carefully the type of experience you are seeking.
    • Your chances will be better if you don't expect to be paid.

Quick Tips for the Internship Hunt

  • Research-collect as much info as possible.
  • Contact organizations which interest you.
  • Send your resume with a short cover letter (email, download, or regular mail).
  • Be clear about what you can do.
  • Remember that terms like "internship" may not mean the same in other countries.
  • Do you expect to be paid or not? Very few internships abroad will pay you.
  • Will you need support such as assistance with finding a place to live?
  • Get the terms of the internship in writing if possible.

Succeeding at the site:

  • Behave professionally- be courteous and pleasant.
  • Listen first before you speak.
  • Set up a learning plan.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Learn the culture & people.
  • Keep supervisor informed.
  • Be open-minded about duties.
  • Ask questions: do not assume you know what you're doing.

Possible Internship Sources:
Transitions Abroad

 An excellent bimonthly magazine for those interested in working, studying, and living abroad. Available at bookstores and libraries, including the LACS library.

Provides listing of over 36,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 165 countries.

 Search the country directory for a program that suits your needs.
Follow links, graphics or e-mail buttons and request more information.

 This link offers volunteer and internship placements, academic study abroad and specialized programs such as SALUD, and AMSA-endorsed medical Spanish program.

 AIESEC offers a reciprocal international internship exchange program with paid internships in applied fields.

 An IAESTE internship is a paid internship abroad. Most placements are for 8-12 weeks during the summer; longer placements of up to 12 months are also available.

This one-year work/study scholarship program is designed to strengthen ties between the younger generations of the United States and Germany. Primarily a cultural exchange, it combines language study, professional schooling and an internship-- providing a first-hand experience of many aspects of German life.
Rising Star Internships

 Rising Star Internships provides a web listing of internships in a variety of fields including international business and international relations. They also have helpful articles.
US State Department

 Although you would remain in the US, the State Department offers over 1000 internships annually, many of which are internationally focused.

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