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CareerShift is a powerful job and internship search engine and includes thousands of opportunities, employers, and contacts. We have highlighted below several features and provided suggestions to maximize your experience with CareerShift.

CareerShift is available through your BTT Gateway account under the External Links Tab. To register and create your profile, utilize your mail/ email address.



Search thousands of opportunities from employer websites, published job listings, and other search engines. Therefore, the keyword search is extremely important to find opportunities of interest. Pay specific attention to what titles companies are using to describe their positions. For example, if you are interested in copy editing positions, you may substantially increase your search results if you search for "editorial assistant" as opposed to "copy editor."

Have you ever wondered how you can find UT alumni in your field who aren't on Linked-In? Search for them on CareerShift. Are you thinking of conducting an informational interview? Did you see a company online that looked interesting? Use the "My Contacts" tab to search for employees of companies you like. You can search by person or by company. Once you acquire their contact information you may be able to connect with them to learn more about their company or field.

Upload your resume(s) and cover letter(s) for easy online access wherever you are! You might be surprised how often this may come in handy. There is an online document editing tool that allows you to quickly edit saved documents for re-sending. If you need to change an address or revise your experiences/skills, CareerShift allows these edits without the hassle of starting a whole new document.

Set up email campaigns to follow-up on previous applications. Can't remember who you applied to last week to even know who to follow up with? As you apply for jobs and acquire contacts, you can add them to your contact database (see above). Using a "campaign" you can send personalized mass emails (or print versions) of a resume and cover letter to your contacts.

Schedule reminders to follow up with potential employers. CareerShift will remind you to contact them via email. If you have a series of interviews coming up, CareerShift can remind you to prepare and conduct research beforehand.

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