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Graduate School Advising

Where should you start?
Skip ahead to get started!
Graduate School Advising

UT Austin provides extensive graduate school advising and preparation for all students. Offices across campus are available to assist you in the following ways.

  • Deciding if graduate school is for you;
  • Researching graduate school options;
  • Discovering what you can do while completing your undergraduate degree to help make you a competitive graduate school applicant; and
  • Preparing your graduate school application.

Where should you start?

Answer the following questions to find the best place to start or continue your graduate school preparation.

Have you decided to apply to a liberal arts graduate program?
 The LACS Graduate School Advising Program is for you! Skip ahead to get started!

Are you curious about graduate school and wonder if it's right for you? And do you wonder what you might study?
The best first step for you is a visit to the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling in Jester Center. The CEC can help you decide if graduate school is right for you.

Have you decided to apply to law school?
 LACS has a dedicated pre-law advisor who has designed an advising program specifically for students interested in law school. You can begin by checking out the LACS Pre-Law Services page and most importantly, reading the Pre-Law Handbook.

Have you decided to apply to a health professions program?
 UT has a dedicated health professions office for students interested in health-related programs, including pharmacy, medical, dental, physical therapy, physician assistant, occupational therapy, veterinary, osteopathic and optometry. Visit the Health Professions Advising Program to learn more.

Have you decided to apply to a graduate program in an area of study other than the liberal arts?
 You can visit the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling in Jester Center for information about graduate programs in all areas, from engineering to film and education to biology.


Get Started

Now that you have decided to pursue a graduate degree in a liberal arts area of study, get started by exploring the information below.

Graduate School Handbooks: Read all about graduate studies in specific liberal arts areas, including introductions of study areas, program rankings, application tips, resources, funding, and grad student and faculty profiles.

Finding the Best Graduate Program for You: Get helpful tips to consider when researching universities and their graduate programs.

Graduate Student Life & Study: Learn more about graduate school life in and out of the classroom.

Graduate School Application Timeline: Review a recommended timeline for the graduate school application process, from freshman to senior year.

Application Components: Get to know the components of graduate school applications to help you prepare your eventual application packet.

Profiles: Check out faculty and graduate student profiles for application tips and peaks into grad school life.

Research Projects: Explore research options that provide experience, skills and knowledge to help elevate your graduate school competitiveness and preparedness.

Grad School Resources: View information on a variety of areas, including funding, decision-making, the GRE, program rankings and program search engines.


Graduate School Advising

Once you have reviewed the information provided in the pages listed above, schedule an appointment to visit with the graduate school admissions coach.

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