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Research Resources

Will working on a research project help my graduate school decision-making and application?

YES! Join a research team to pursue your intellectual interests and to connect with leading faculty.

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What is research?

Research can generally be described as an in-depth scholarly study of an area of interest. A research project may be an archaeological excavation in Belize, an examination of historical archives, an observation of government elections, a study of population growth or an interpretation of a literary piece.

Research can be completed on a voluntary basis, as an internship or for academic credit. As a member of the research team, you may participate in the following types of activities:

  • Creating annotated bibliographies;
  • Transcribing focus group or interview data;
  • Performing basic statistical analyses;
  • Conducting literature searches and/or helping faculty to obtain literature; and
  • Pulling and analyzing publicly accessible data.

Why do research?

The primary objective of graduate school is research. As an undergraduate student, participating in a research project will help you get a jump-start on graduate school in the following ways.

  • Explore your intellectual interests by participating in a focused project.
  • Learn how to conduct research from well-trained graduate students and faculty.
  • Define your scholarly interests: what research or area are you most interested in?
  • Connect with faculty who specialize in an area of interest to you: this is a great way to obtain a future letter of recommendation from a faculty member who knows your interest and abilities.
  • Conduct personal research on your interest area in conjunction with the faculty's research project.
  • Use your research experience to create your future grad school application writing sample and statement of purpose.
  • Do what you love: use your research time to delve into an area you're passionate about!

Is research for everyone?

Yes! Whether you plan to complete an advanced degree in comparative literature, Arabic, government or philosophy: research projects are available in all areas and can be of great benefit as you define your intellectual pursuits.

Learn More About Undergraduate Research at UT

The Office of Undergraduate Research conducts information sessions about research throughout the year. For the current list of sessions, visit the research calendar.

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