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Online Research Tools

Utilize the following resources to research careers, industries, companies or, at the very least, to learn how to research your options.

  • America's Best Graduate Schools, 2011 Ed. (from U.S. News & World Report) - Provides rankings of graduate programs in disciplines such as arts and humanities, business, law, public affairs and more! Click here to learn how to access this site!
  • How to Research Employers Series - A helpful series that provides keen advice and several resources on how to research corporate, nonprofit and public sector employers. These publications are available for download.
  • The Investment Banking & Consulting Job/Internship Search Guide - Learn about the Investment Banking and Consulting industry, including what steps you can take to prepare for their September full-time and December internship deadlines.
  • Online Book of Lists - Book of Lists are annual publications which provide you with rankings of hundreds of the largest, wealthiest or most prominent area companies/organizations, usually by industry, size or revenue. Use the Book of Lists to research, for example, the top advertising agencies in Austin or the largest nonprofits in the Seattle area.
  • Online Texas Resources - Know you want to remain in the Lone Star State? Then check out our Online Texas Resources, which includes links to job boards, Chambers of Commerce and and other helpful career resources exclusively for Texas!
  • Social Media Guide - Created to help you learn the differences between Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and how you can use these tools to professionally market yourself online.
  • Vault - An online career resource library that allows you to research careers, positions, companies, organizations and geographical locations. Vault also provides a collection of industry and career-topic e-books available for download. Check out the tutorial or access Vault from your BTT Gateway account (see image below.)
  • Weekly Business Journals - Stay up-to-date on all the latest business and community developments taking place in a major city by downloading the weekly City Business Journals.
  • Job/Internship Search Banks - After you've researched companies and organizations of interest to you, connect with job and internship opportunities!
  • Going Global - An online career resource library focusing on information and opportunities for students interested in working within the U.S. and abroad. Going Global features information on resume writing, job and internship postings, work permit and visa information, networking opportunities, and career guides for living and working in select countries. Access Going Global from your BTT Gateway account (see image below).

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