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How to Research Employers

Unsure how to research an employer? Or do you like a particular company, but wonder if it's the right fit for you? Our How to Research Employers series is designed just for you and outlines important areas to consider before applying to a particular job or employer.


How to Research CORPORATE Careers
Are you ready to start applying for jobs, but want to make sure you have all your bases covered? This handout offers you some important areas to consider as you begin researching a company. Explore this guide to learn about a company's hiring practices, their corporate culture, and where you can find information about positions on their website.

How to Research PUBLIC SECTOR Careers
Are you curious about government agency requirements of their job applicants? This handout provides you with some of the essentials you need to know before applying for a public sector job, such as required exams and hiring timelines and concludes with numerous helpful resources spanning the public sector.

How to Research NONPROFIT Careers
Have you ever wondered how nonprofits differ from other employment sectors? Do you want to make sure a nonprofit is right for you? Explore this guide to learn the answers to these questions and more, as well as to access invaluable resources and helpful hints on nonprofit employment.

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