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Social Media Guide

As social media increases its role in how people communicate and interact with each other, it is crucial to know how to optimize your use of the most effective tools. This instant access has changed the landscape of the job and internship hunt for everyone. Our guide aims to help you learn how to utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for career exploration, the job and internship search and how you can use these tools to professionally market yourself online.

“Remember that social media is a publishing medium. When you use it, you are a publisher. You must think about the image you are portraying and how it will impact your life.” - Joshua Waldman, MBA –Author of The Social Media Job Search Workbook


Who uses LinkedIn?  According to the LinkedIn Press Center, there are over 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. They are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic. There are 300+ million members in over 200 countries and territories, and this number is growing exponentially every day.

 Why should I use LinkedIn?  As a student, LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool to use. Ever wondered what other alumni with your major are doing? Check out the LinkedIn Alumni Tool. Feeling unsure of what career path to take? Browse through profiles of professionals doing something you’re interested in. On LinkedIn, you have access to thousands of people that are doing things that they love. Take the time to explore profiles and of course, reach out!

In short, LinkedIn can be used for a variety of reasons as a student. There really isn’t a reason not to create a profile.

Do I really need to have a profile? I’m only a freshman, sophomore, junior…  The answer is yes. No matter where you are on your career journey, creating a profile earlier on will pay off in the long run. It takes time to build connections, join groups, post discussions, and send messages to connections. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your virtual resume; it will continue to grow and be ever-changing as you gain more experience and develop new skills. The earlier you start using LinkedIn, the better.

LinkedIn offers a variety of “Quick Tip Sheets” to help you start building a professional student profile.

Next Steps:

  • Join the Liberal Arts Career Services UT System groups
  • Locate past and current colleagues/students/friends and reach out to them
  • Attend a LinkedIn webinar – check out our calendar of events to find when our next session is
  • Meet with a career coach to help you get started or to review your profile


Most of us know Facebook as our go-to for friend updates, posting pictures and joining an endless amount of groups. Although it’s primarily used for social networking, it can also be used for professional networking. It’s all about how you present yourself on there, what groups you follow, and filling out a complete profile.

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook does not prompt you to fill out past professional experiences (internships, part-time jobs and volunteerism are included in this!) and a profile summary. In order to maintain a consistent message across all social media sites, be sure to fill out the work experience, your education, and your profile summary. Having a complete and professional Facebook profile that matches up with your resume and LinkedIn makes your online presence stronger and gives you a competitive edge against other candidates.

Next Steps:

  • “Like” the LACS Facebook page to keep up to date with events happening in our office and to get the latest career news
  • Locate and “like” organizations and companies that are of interest to you
  • Network with professionals and join discussions on company Facebook pages
  • Clean up your profile using SimpleWash

 Useful Links:


Twitter is another popular social networking site that often times gets overlooked as a professional networking site. Twitter has a unique advantage over other social media sites as it allows you to connect with leaders in an industry in an instant.

Next Steps:

  • Follow Liberal Arts Career Services (@UTLACS) to keep up to date with events happening in our office and to get the latest job postings from BTT Gateway
  • Locate and follow organizations and people you are interested in
  • Have conversations with organizations and people in your area of interest
  • Clean up your profile using SimpleWashRead the following articles to optimize your Twitter usage

Useful Links:

Promote a Professional Online Presence: Evaluating Digital Dirt  Presenting yourself in a positive, professional light across all of your social networks is imperative in today’s high-tech world. Below are some tools to get you started. For more assistance with promoting your online presence, set up an appointment with a career coach.

SimpleWash: SimpleWash makes cleaning up your Twitter and Facebook profile easier than ever. Simply log in with either your Facebook or Twitter account information, and then click “wash”. All questionable content will be flagged and you will have the option to either remove that content or adjust your privacy settings. This is especially useful for those who have had these accounts for a long period of time. SimpleWash will go through all of your content.

Next Steps:

  1. Conduct an online audit: Search Google, Bing and Yahoo
  2. Pay attention to web content and images
  3. Delete any inactive profiles
  4. Start creating new content
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