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Robert Vega, Director FAC 18 / 2304 Whitis Ave. Stop G6200 78712-1508 • 512-471-7900

Resources & Research

LACS offers a wealth of career, internship, pre-law and graduate school resources in our Resource Library (FAC 18). The LACS Resource Library has varied hours Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., please contact us to learn about our library hours today or this week: 512-471-7900,

Resource Library

Interested in where your liberal arts degree can take you, and how to get there? Want to know where other students have gone? Then check out our various in-house publications, written by LACS career coaches and recruiting professionals. These in-house publications are designed to help introduce you to the wide variety of available career opportunities.

How to Research Employers So You Want to Work In...?
Investment Banking & Consulting Guide Teacher Alternative Certification
Making Internships Work Social Media Guide
Making Majors Work  

Use our internet-based research tools to explore companies, careers, industries and more. Start here and visit our library for more assistance.

Job Search Sites & Resources (by Industry)
Online Texas Resources
Online Book of Lists & Weekly Business Journal Vault
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