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Robert Vega, Director FAC 18 / 2304 Whitis Ave. Stop G6200 78712-1508 • 512-471-7900

Gerson Lehrman Group Call Scheduling Associate - Application Deadline

Fri, March 29, 2013

Position Overview:
Reporting to the Membership Management team and working closely with the Corporate & Life Sciences teams, the Call Scheduler will be responsible for a variety of administrative tasks.

Key Responsibilities:
•Fulfilling time-sensitive phone call scheduling between life science corporate executives and GLG Council Members (experts).
•Assisting GLG team members in responding to and addressing Council Member and client scheduling needs.
•Assisting with outreach calls to activate dormant Council Members required to fulfill life science projects
•Identifying and proactively suggesting similar profiles of Council Members being requested by life science clients for phone calls
•Recruiting to fill gaps in strategic populations relevant to the life science client segment.

To apply go to:

Application Deadline:  3/29/2013

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