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Camp Tangua Camp Nurse Position, BTT Gateway Job ID 6984

Fri, May 31, 2013

Camp Tangua Camp Nurse Position, BTT Gateway Job ID 6984

Each summer Camp Tanuga hires 2 medical officers to organize and run the medical center at camp. The team of two nurses dispenses and logs all daily medications. They also provide basic first aid for the daily bumps and bruises at camp as well as facilitate any emergency situation. They will teach a refresher first aid and CPR course for all staff as well as create first aid kits for all out of camp trips. 

One Medical Officer must be an RN, LPN, Paramedic, EMT, WFR or OEC. The other can be a nursing student. 
During our 8-week residential period we will have a volunteer doctor in camp each week to assist with medical needs. 

Populations served included: 8-week residential, 3-day school and youth groups, family camp and private parties.

To apply, visit Application deadline is 5/31/2013.

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