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CoAdvantage, Sales and Marketing Intern, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 7226

Fri, August 16, 2013

Sales and Marketing Internship Program Objective Overview
Objective 1: Provide the intern with an overview of each position’s key responsibilities, skills needed to perform the position and how they work together to accomplish the business unit goal.
• Business Consultant
• Sales and Marketing Coordinator
• Regional Sales Manager

Objective 2: Provide the intern the opportunity to attend a departmental staff meeting.
Objective 3: Provide an overview of CoAdvantage’s overall consulting strategy (Payroll, 401K, Workers Compensation, Unemployment, Benefits, and Planning relationship).
Objective 4: Provide an overview of an Item and Client Lifecycle (phases of a client, how lifecycle impacts future consulting strategies and sales).
Objective 5: Discuss CoAdvantage’s Partner/Vendor relationships (vendor sourcing, product selection/development).
Objective 6: Provide an overview of Planning (primary function, relationship between planners and sales, elements of creating a plan, etc).
Objective 7: Provide an education on PEO v HRO .

Responsibilities / Duties:
• Supports Sales Team Leadership in all areas of the Sales function.
• Schedule and organize activities such as weekly, monthly and annual sales meetings, travel, and department activities for team members
• Document management for Sales Department
• Creating and formatting documents for underwriting and communication purposes
• Assists new business underwriting process, including ensuring accurate and complete data and troubleshooting of CRM system
• Tracks new business statistics and metrics in CRM and Excel.
• Produces regularly scheduled reports from marketing database.
• Supports communication between operations and sales through various mediums
• Assists in creating proposals and responding to RFP’s, including printing, binding and mailing.
• Facilitates contract creation and underwriting process.
• Assists sales team with coordinating financial requests – such as AMEX receipt collection, Expense reporting, Check requests, P.O. System, and Approval requests and research
• Coordinates various marketing fulfillment duties and systems including direct mail, packages, letters, catalogs, and other sales literature.
• Assists with newsletter, direct mail, and catalog editing and proofreading

To apply, see BTT Gateway Job ID 7226. Application deadline is 8/16/2013.

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