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Paul Hay


Ph.D. Classics, University of Texas at Austin (in progress)
M.A. Classics, University of Texas at Austin (2012)
B.A. Classics and English, Case Western Reserve University (2010)


My research interests include the Latin literature of the Augustan Period, ancient sexuality, and literary/critical theory. My dissertation, "Time, Saecularity, and the 1st Century BC Intellectual World," examines the expanding discourse around the term saeculum in the first century.


In my classroom, I strive to create a learning environment in which students feel comfortable about making constructive mistakes. The study of Latin, especially in the early stages, can be quite difficult, so my goal is to make every student feel relaxed and willing to ask questions without embarrassment and offer up answers without fear of being wrong. I enjoy teaching Latin not only because it opens up a vast collection of beautiful literature to a new generation of students and readers, but also because diligent students of Latin inevitably become better students of English, and it is rewarding to be able to help students improve their clarity of thought and control of the English language, even if these skills are demonstrated in classes other than my own. While rote memorization is a necessary element of learning any language, I hope to see my students discovering the logical underpinnings of the grammar system (not just memorizing but 
comprehending why the rules are what they are) and developing instincts for the grammatical constructions they will encounter on a regular basis in their Latin careers. The study of Latin can be fun as well as educational; I come to it with enthusiasm, and I hope my students will do likewise.

Current Course: 

LAT 507 (Spring 2015) [syllabus]

Previous Courses Taught: 

LAT 507 (Fall 2014) [syllabus]
LAT 506 (Summer 2014) [syllabus]
LAT 507 (Spring 2014) [syllabus]
LAT 506 (Spring 2013) [syllabus]
LAT 506 (Fall 2012) [syllabus]


pauljhay [at] utexas [dot] edu
Office: WAG 14C
Office Hours (Spring 2015): TWTh 11am-12pm

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