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Charles Oughton



B.A. Utah State University, M.A. UT Austin
M.A. Thesis: "Scripting the Persians: Herodotus' Use of the Persian 'Trivium' (Truth Telling, Archery, and Horsemanship) in the Histories" (Supervisor: Paula Perlman)

Research Interests:

Latin and Greek Historiography and Biography, Roman Republican History

Courses Taught:

LAT 507 (Su '11, Fa '11, Sp '12), GK w412/w804 (Su '12), LAT 311 (Fa '12), LATN 1010 and 1020 (at Utah State University, 2008-09)
 (email preferred)
Office: WAG 11
Office Hours: Mon 11-12, Wed 2-3, Thurs 11:30-12:30


Chuck’s research interests include Latin and Greek Historiography and Roman Republican History. As such, he often incorporates historical texts and discussions into his Latin courses. He also believes that the best way to understand the language is to read the “real Latin” of “real Romans,” even at the earliest levels of Latin courses. So you are as likely to be reading a Pompeian graffito in his classes, as you are a Ciceronian speech. Chuck recognizes that students learn best when they are actively engaged in their own education. He strives to incorporate into his courses various types of group and individual activities that forces students to consider the texts from another perspective. He also keeps multiple learning modalities in mind while he develops his course material, so that every student can be engaged by some part of the lesson. He believes that the goal of a good Latin course is to learn how to read ancient texts critically and how to think analytically. Chuck has taught Beginning and Intermediate levels of Latin as well as the Summer Intensive Greek course. He has also served as a Teaching Assistant for courses on various historical topics and he was a Supplement Instructor for several years while still an undergrad.

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