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Abigail Turner


I believe that a good teacher inspires his or her students, engages with them actively, challenges them and helps them feel confident about their abilities and knowledge. While teaching is ultimately the responsibility of the instructor, learning is the responsibility of both teacher and student – it’s a group effort that requires cooperation, enthusiasm, curiosity and a willingness to work hard. I enjoy playing games in class because I think learning should be fun and entertaining, and I believe students absorb information better when they are actively engaged and enjoying themselves.

I’ve taught Latin 506 twice (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012) and Intro to Classical Mythology once (Summer 2012). Teaching a Latin class is very different from teaching a CC course, and I’ve enjoyed and grown from the diverse experiences. Latin is interesting and satisfying for me to teach because I can observe the progress, little revelations, struggles and successes of my students day by day as we move through the textbook. I also enjoy getting to know my students and I become very invested in their learning processes. My ultimate goal for my Latin students is that they develop not only a greater understanding of and confidence in the language while in my class, but also that they come to or continue to love and appreciate Latin for all its intricacies and challenges.

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