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Time Sheets

All student employees are required to complete weekly time sheets, regardless of whether they are paid monthly or hourly. Students in academic positions may be paid monthly if deemed appropriate, but those in non-academic positions must be paid hourly. Both students and their supervisors must sign time sheets for each of the two pay periods every month (1st of month thru 15th, 16th through end of month) during student assignments.

Monthly Time Sheets (PDF)

Hourly Time Sheets (PDF)

EXCEPTION: Students receiving financial assistance awards from the Federal Work-Study Program are required to complete the monthly, On-Campus Work-Study Timesheet and submit it at the end of each month. Rather than being paid twice per month, Work-Study students are paid for an entire month's work at once. Students cannot work for more than 19 hours per week or more than eight hours in any 24 hour period.

Work-Study Time Sheet (PDF)


Please submit all bi-weekly, time sheets to Caitlin James in MEZ 2.302 NO LATER THAN NOON on the 1st and 16th of each month (or next business day if deadline falls on weekend or holiday).

Monthly time sheets for Work-Study student employees need to be submitted NO LATER THAN NOON on the 1st of each month (or next business day if deadline falls on a weekend or holiday). 

Original time sheets are preferred, but faxes are also accepted at 471-7718 as long as they remain legible.

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