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Project Components

  • Impact on Family Planning Clinics
    • Survey of family planning organizations
    • In-depth interviews with leaders of family planning organizations
  • Impact on Contraceptive Services
    • Analysis of Texas Department of State Health Services Data
  • Impact on Women's Experiences Seeking Care
    • Longitudinal survey of women getting contraception postpartum
      • 2-site study that began April 2012
      • Multi-site study that begins summer 2014
    • Focus groups with women who have public insurance or no insurance
    • Survey of community college students
    • Study of Planned Parenthood Depo-Provera users enrolled in the Women's Health Program
  • Impact on Unintended Pregnancy
    • Analysis of the 2010-2012 Texas Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) data
  • Impact on Births
    • Analysis of Medicaid claims data
    • Analysis of Texas Hospital Discharge data
    • Analysis of vital statistics data
  • Impact of Restrictions on Access to Abortion Care
    • Survey of abortion providers
    • Survey of abortion clients
    • Analysis of service delivery statistics
    • Ethnographic investigation of abortion self-induction
  • Economic Impact on the State of Texas
    • Use above analyses to estimate the cost to the state of reproductive health legislation
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