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The Plan II Admission Wait List

Plan II regularly offers a wait list option to a small number of applicants. If the number of admitted applicants who accept the offer of admission is low, and our entering freshman class has spaces available, Plan II will make offers of admission to some applicants on the wait list.

An applicant cannot request the wait list option.  If your application was denied, please see the information on the appeal process.

Unfortunately, we can’t give any firm number on anyone’s chances of admission from the wait list. Only those who respond in writing to the Plan II wait list offer will be considered again for Plan II admission. In years past, about 50% of those offered the wait list responded. Assuming similar numbers to past years, the “active wait list” in any given year might include about 30-50 names. From that list, we might admit a modest number of applicants in mid-May.

If you were offered the wait list option, rather than offered admission or denied admission, and you wish to be included on the Plan II Honors Program wait list, you must:

  • respond in writing,  by (date TBD)
    • the letter requesting placement on the Plan II wait list, should be addressed to the Plan II Admissions Committee
    • send the letter to the attention of:
      Kerry Pasquale, Director of Plan II Admission
      Plan II Honors, The University of Texas at Austin
      CLA 2.102 G 3600
      305 East 23rd St,
      Austin, TX 78712-1250
  • enclose the most recent record senior grades. (If no new grades have been added, your rank has not changed, and no other information has changed on your transcript since it was originally submitted, clearly state this in your letter and do not send another copy. But if you applied using your transcript with grades only through the junior year, you should submit your senior year grades.)
  • the grades and letter should be sent directly to the Plan II Honors office, unlike the original application documents which had to be submitted to the UT Office of Admission.

If we do not receive written correspondence from you by (date TBD), we must assume that you have made other choices and no longer wish to be considered for admission by Plan II Honors.

We understand that it can be difficult waiting to hear about the status of your Plan II application, especially when you may have offers from other colleges to consider. We won’t be able to tell you more until after May 15. By then we will know who is on the active list and how many spaces, if any, are available. As a result, we cannot answer specific questions over the telephone about your status on the waiting list.

How the Wait List Works

After the May 1 deadline, when those applicants who were admitted must let us know if they choose Plan II, we will know how many (if any) applicants can be admitted from the wait list. What usually happens is that more students than we can manage respond positively. So, often we are waiting for applicants to change their mind about coming just to lower our numbers down to where we wished to be in the first place. We have lowered our number of original offers of admission, but the “yield” factor (the number of applicants who accept Plan II’s offer of admission) is unpredictable, as is the original number of applicants—neither number follows any reliable trend.

Questions concerning a Plan II wait list offer?  Please email Plan II Admissions Director,  Kerry Pasquale.

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