Plan II Honors

 Plan II First-Years' Materials:

  • 2015 Orientation Advising Booklet -  This packet contains Plan II Honors course descriptions. A printed copy will be included in the mailing entering first-year students will receive via USPS.  Bring your hard copy with you to Orientation and to the Day One Plan II Honors meeting at 3:00 pm  The College of Liberal Arts has also created an Orientation Advising Guide:

  • 2015 Fall Registration Guide  - This packet contains first-year advising information, registration information, degree checklists and guides, test credit information and a whole lot more.  

When you arrive at Orientation:  

Orientation Check-In at Jester Center begins at 7:30 am.  We recommend that you arrive before as early as you can, so you can check in as early as possible. Plan II will have a welcome table at Jester Center, please come by the table to pick up your welcome packet from Plan II Honors after you have checked in for orientation.

The Plan II meeting on Day 1 is required.  This meeting will take place at 3pm, CLA 2.102.  We will have light snacks and refreshments, a welcome from the director, followed by the Plan II meeting.  This meeting is CRITICAL.  This is where you get your Plan II required core courses.  Nothing else at Orientation takes precedence over this meeting.  

If you have not been to the Plan II office yet, our building is close to Jester Residence Hall, just east of Gregory Gym.  See maps:  CLA,; Jester,, Gregory (just across 21st Street from Jester).



  1. Send your photo for the Freshman Face book today (if you have not already done so)

  • The photo should be a .jpeg file.  It should be a photo of only you, not a group shot.  Do not send a photo where ou have cropped out a lot of scenery or other people from around you and the photo of you is really skinny.  We won't be able to see your face once it's sized appropriately.  (And since we want to use this to get to know you, being able to see your face is the point!)
  • Please be sure to NAME your photo with your FULL NAME, last name first:  example:   lastname_firstname.jpg
  • Send the photo to:
  • Best to send a high resolution photo.  I can size it down if necessary

      2. Establish your  UT e-mail account.

  • The University considers email an official form of communication and the UT/Google account the best kind of account to use.  So, it's best to use it as your official e-mail address for all university business
  • This is an account that you can keep AFTER graduation!  It's a Google account
  • Show the world you're a Longhorn with your email address!
  • Be sure to update Plan II ( if you claim your UT/Google address (or if you change your email, or permanent address) at any time
  • You do not have to change to a UT account if you already use gmail, yahoo or another service you like, although we do recommend the utexas accounts. 
  • If you have an email associated with your high school however, be sure to claim another email, and notify me ( ASAP

        3.  Don't worry about your final transcript now.  It must be submitted to UT Austin Office of Admissions before you complete the fall semester, but it will not interfere with your registration for the fall semester  Just don't forget it later!  Do NOT send a final transcript to Plan II Honors

        4.  Join the Plan II Class of 2019 FaceBook group  It's a closed "student group/academic group" for entering first-year Plan II students.  Your future Plan II compatriots are already getting together in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas—via the Class of 2019 Facebook Group.  Don't be left out!  Folks are also organizing dinner get-togethers the night before Orientation sessions.  Get to know the people who will be your best friends for the next few years, and often for life.  There's also a regular Plan II students' FaceBook group.  Join today at:

Voltaire's Coffee - Details Now Available

At the beginning of each Fall semester, freshmen and Peer Advisors meet in small, informal book discussions with some of the most acclaimed professors at UT—a part of a Plan II tradition called "Voltaire's Coffee." 

Students should read the books for at least two Voltaire's Coffees during the summer and are encouraged to sign up for at least one. Plan II students in the P2SA choose the sponsoring professors, who in turn choose the books to discuss. The result is a delightful mix of books, ranging from the sublime to the entertaining, covering all areas of study, and a discussion that promises to be illuminating. If the book listed has a translation, please buy the one specified, as different versions can give different impressions. 

Be aware that VC's will occur during the first few weeks of classes in the Fall semester; a few of them will meet before classes even begin. Please check the dates and times of the coffees and register early--they fill up fast! Reading list and registration details coming soon!

Plan II Freshman Convocation 2015  ::  7:00 pm  ::  Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Location: Welch 2.224

Convocation is a required event for all Plan II Honors First Year students.  (The only accepted excuses for missing Convocation are scheduled UT classes and Texas Exes Scholarship Award dinners.) 

The Plan II director, Professor Michael Stoff, special guest speakers and Plan II Students Association co-presidents address the students and welcome everyone to Plan II Honors.  Representatives from all the Plan II Honors student organizations (from the Broccoli Project drama group to the Undecided news blog) will be there to help you get involved and busy. 

The Convocation will begin at 7:00 pm.  Most World Literature cohorts will have dinner together prior to Convocation (about 5:30 pm) so count that in your time commitment for the evening.  

Plan II Freshman Getaway 2015  ::  Friday, September 11th, 2015

Entering first-year students, Plan II peer advisers P2SA officers and Plan II staff travel off campus for a killer BBQ dinner (with veggie options), swimming, water-balloon battle, piñata, a Shakespeare performance, volleyball and other games.  Shady Springs has big beautiful oaks and a lush lawn.  They have a spring on the property so even when we are in "extreme" drought conditions, the grass is soft and green. There's a big "party barn," so even if it's rainy, there's plenty of room for fun.

It's quite a bargain at $60.  $30 of the charge is for the Getaway (transportation, food, beverages, Shakespeare and fun); the other $30 pays for a LIFETIME membership in the Plan II Students' Association (P2SA). 

Mail in the form(s) and check to the Plan II Honors office or bring the three forms and a check for $60 (or cash) with you to Orientation:

Plan II Honors
Attn:  Getaway
The University of Texas at Austin
305 East 23rd Street, CLA 2.102  G3600
Austin, TX  78712-1250

Cancellations and refunds: Cancel by Friday, September 4th. No refunds after this date.

Getaway Registration and Plan II Students' Association Membership


Buses will leave at 4:10 pm from East Mall Fountain--the cul-de-sac at CLA--the College of Liberal Arts Building (where 23rd Street dead-ends into the East Mall.) The ride to Shady Springs Party Barn takes about 20 minutes. Buses will return you to the College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA) on campus at around 9 pm.

  • Please bring:  Comfortable, casual clothes. Shoes or sandals. Bathing suit & towel. Bug spray. Your game face:  life happens.
  • Don’t bring:   Alcoholic beverages.  Other illicit substances.  Money or valuables (there are no lockers).
  • Provided:  Buffet dinner featuring Texas-style barbecue and vegetarian options, iced tea, lemonade and water.
  • Be ready for:  FUN!

Forms are also available at the Plan II front desk, just stop on by to fill them out (bring your insurance card with you). 



Contact Plan II Academic Advisers: 

Mary Dillman


Melissa Ossian


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