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John Deigh

ProfessorPhD, University of California at Los Angeles



Ethics, political philosophy


John Deigh joined the law school faculty in 2003 after twenty years of teaching at Northwestern University. He is also a profesor in the philosophy department. His primary areas of research are moral and political philosophy. He is widely known for his work in moral psychology. He is the author of Emotions, Values, and the Law (Oxford University Press, 2008) and The Sources of Moral Agency (Cambridge University Press, 1996). His recent articles include "Promises Under Fire" (Ethics, 2002), "Emotion and the Authority of Law: Variations on Themes in Bentham and Austin" (in S. Bandes [ed.], The Passions of Law [New York University Press, 1999]), "All Kinds of Guilt" (Law and Philosophy, 1999) and "Physician Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Euthanasia: Some Relevant Differences," Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (1998). Other articles include "Cognitivism in the Theory of Emotions" (Ethics, 1994), "On Rights and Responsibilities" (Law and Philosophy, 1988) and "Rights and the Authority of Law" (University of Chicago Law Review, 1984).

Deigh serves on the editorial board of Law and Philosophy and is an associate editor of the International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Wiley/Blackwell, forthcoming). From 1997-2008, he was the editor of Ethics. Deigh has held visiting appointments at the Australian National University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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