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Voltaire’s Coffee on US-Mexico Relations and NAFTA

Tue, November 29, 2011 | Joynes Room, Carothers (CRD) 007B, 2501 Whitis Ave. Enter through the east doors of the honors quad

7:00 PM

Dr. Danon-Leva of the Business School will host a discussion on her area of expertise - U.S.-Mexico relations and the NorthAmerican Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Since its implementation in 1994, NAFTA has had dramatic effects on the United States, Mexico and Canada. The agreement has been singled out as the cause of the Zapatista uprising in Mexico, the decline of manufacturing in the U.S., and environmental damage on all sides. Dr. Danon-Leva has extensive insight into these issues and the diplomacy behind the agreement. Her depth of knowledge and energetic style are sure to make this a fascinating event.
Dr. Danon-Leva will present a lecture on the topic, followed by a discussion. All majors are welcome.
Questions? Send Sam Liebl and Richard Griffin an email at

Sponsored by: Plan II Students Association

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