Filing a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA)

UT policy requires that faculty, staff, students, and visitors submit a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) priorto a business trip and that the RTA be approved by UT prior to your starting your trip. A 30 day minimum is required for foreign travel.

An RTA should be submitted whether or not you are requesting reimbursement.

Requests for travel authorization are now requested online.  Please visit to begin your request for travel authorization. Instructions for completing the online request can be found here.


Filing a Faculty Travel Grant Application

The application for the Faculty Travel Grant can be found online. When you create an online RTA request, please remember to makr that you will be applying for a Faculty Travel Grant if you are presenting a paper at a professional meeting. Attending a meeting or chairing a session does not qualify for a faculty travel grant. Accepting an invitation to present a seminar or giving a colloquium at another university also does not qualify

UT provides eligible faculty up to $1200 per academic year for all allowable travel related expenses (such as lodging, meals, transportation and registration, which are non-taxable reimbursements), and can also be used to cover extra childcare expenses incurred because of the travel (a taxable reimbursement).

Eligibility: All tenured and tenure-track faculty members (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Instructor) and emeritus faculty are eligible. Senior Lecturers and Distinguished Senior Lecturers with at least five years of service at UT Austin are also eligible. Visiting, adjunct, research and clinical faculty, specialists, lecturers, classified personnel, and other non-teaching staff are ineligible. 

Your name must be on the program of the professional meeting. The faculty travel grant application needs to be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the trip. You must provide another account to put on the RTA that accompanies your faculty travel grant application in case your travel expenses go above the $1200 limit. If you need assistance with the application please contact


Travelling to Washington D.C.

Before an employee travels to Washington D.C., the Office of State-Federal Relations (OSFR) must be informed about the timing and purpose of the trip.   If traveling to Washington, DC, you will need the following information for your online RTA:

  • Primary Committees/Offices/Agencies/Organizations to be visited
  • Name of person and organization the traveler is going to see
  • Date each organization/person will be visited


Allowable Costs 

Allowable costs on most grants include airfare, hotel, local transportation, car rentals, airport parking, individual meals (without alcohol), business phone calls, and registration fees.  Unallowable costs include alcohol, group meals, payments made on behalf of another individual, dry cleaning or laundry services, maid service, fees to local events, personal phone calls, in-room movies, non-business internet fees, travel insurance, medical insurance, and other personal expenses. 

You must have an overnight stay to claim meals or lodging.  Vaccinations are reimbursable if required to enter the country.  Automobile insurance to Mexico is reimbursable but automobile insurance is not reimbursable for travel to other locations. You must have receipts for inter-city transportation (i.e., bus, train, or taxi receipts). There are further restrictions on state money.

State tax at Texas hotels is not reimbursable to UT or State employees.  UT or State employee travelers staying in Texas hotels should prepare and sign a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF) and submit it to the hotel. 

If a department anticipates that an employee will be at a duty point for at least one month, the expense of leasing an apartment or house may be reimbursed. The apartment or house must be leased from a commercial establishment. The name of the employee must appear on the lease, and the purpose for leasing must be the conservation of state funds. Any deposit required for the lease of a house or apartment is the sole responsibility of the employee and is not reimbursable.


Making Airline, Hotel, and Car Rental Reservations

Once your RTA is submitted and approved, you may make your airline reservations by contacting Anthony Travel (512) 617-4444. Reservations made through Anthony Travel will be directly billed to the appropriate account.  You may also make reservations on your own.  In these cases, you pay for the ticket and are reimbursed after the trip.

State tax at Texas hotels is not reimbursable to UT or State employees.  UT or State employee travelers staying in Texas hotels should prepare and sign a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF) and submit it to the hotel.   

UT has special procedures concerning direct billing of car rentals. If you wish to rent a car for your trip, please contact PRC admin staff to have them work on setting this up. [top]

Reimbursements, Receipts, and Documentation

We request that you submit your receipts and informal log within 10 days of returning to Austin to ensure reimbursement before the end of a grant or funding period. Receipts submitted after 60 days are not permitted.

Your receipts should be in your name and you should not pay for the travel expenses of other people.  For instance, if you turn in a hotel or meal receipt that indicates that you shared your room or meal with three others, you will be reimbursed 25% of the total bill.  Hotel and restaurant receipts must be itemized.   

Meals will be reimbursed $41/day for meals and receipts are not needed.

If you receive a package deal through Expedia or other on-line travel service, please submit a breakdown of the expenses to expedite your reimbursement.