General Services

Administrative services, also referred to as "service", is available to orientate PRC affiliates to the Center and the various Center facilities.  They are also available to provide assistance with office space assignments, key authorizations, maintenance issues, supply needs, UT & PRC policy/procedure, or general office management matters, please email

Cash Advances

  • Minimum $500 for cash advance requests
  • Request must be submitted by Principal Investigator of project
  • Should be made at least 2 weeks PRIOR to date needed in order to avoid delays
  • Recipient must be available to pick up cash advance check and sign promissory note from UT Accounting, Main 132
  • Can be used for travel/off-site research (please make sure RTA is requested as well)
  • Must be used if researcher will provide gift cards or cash to subjects participating in project
  • Project must allow participant incentives/subject fees (please check with Admin Staff prior to making arrangements)
  • Logs must be kept to document all dissemination of participant incentives.  Click here for log.
  • Information needed for cash advance requests: Recipient, purpose of cash advance, amount, period the cash advance will be used, account number, and brief budget
  • Logs, paid receipts, and/or corresponding documentation must be submitted to the PRC for cash advance reconciliation within 30 days of cash advance period
  • Please contact to request a cash advance

Personnel and Appointments

  • Inform PRC Staff of new employees that will work on research projects at least 2 weeks PRIOR to anticipated start date (it can take 1-2 weeks to receive final approval for position)
  • Information needed: Job description, period of job, salary rate, number of hours per week (if hourly), and account number
  • Send employee contact information to
  • Employee will need to come to the PRC admin offices to complete necessary paperwork (computer access, I-9, PO-8) and to obtain EID, keys, and tower access
  • If hiring students as GRAs, tuition remission must also be covered by project
  • Hourly employees must accurately fill out a timesheet, obtain signatures, and submit them to the PRC by 12:00 pm on the 1st and 16th of every month, failure to do so WILL result in late payments
  • Faculty must contact their academic department of any future course buyouts and should inform the PRC as a backup
  • Emails will be sent to faculty prior to the beginning of each semester for requesting appointment information

Consultant Payments

  • Inform the PRC staff of consultant payments to be issued at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Send recipients name, contact information, payment dates, amounts, account numbers, and general description of duties to be used for payment
  • Maximum consultant payments per UT Policy is $15,000 per fiscal year
  • Recipients are taxed on consultant payments, except for work performed outside of the United States


  • Please contact to have your supply and equipment purchases made by the PRC staff directly to avoid paying out of pocket and waiting for reimbursement
  • Some grants do not allow purchases of controlled equipment >$5,000 (please check with Admin staff prior to making arrangements)
  • Membership fees are NOT allowed on federal grants and must be paid from a non-sponsored account or, if allowable, a non-federal sponsored account
  • Equipment >$500 must be labeled with a UT inventory tag
  • Equipment purchased with UT funds must receive approval from UT Inventory in order to remove equipment upon leaving the university
  • Food and entertainment costs are NOT allowed on grants unless specifically written into budget justification at time of proposal
  • Entertainment costs must be approved by Mark Hayward for approval of reimbursement off of chair funds

General Information

  • PRC copy codes are provided to PRC FRAs with current grant projects
  • Long distance codes can be requested if needed for a research project
  • The conference room, can be reserved by contacting PRC admin staff.  
  • For requests please email