Did you know that...

CS can provide you a loaner laptop if you are going on a PRC-related trip.

The PRC has several laptops that we can loan out to PRC faculty and students when traveling for PRC-related functions or presentations.

If you would like to borrow a laptop please send an email to help@prc.utexas.edu with as much information as possible (function attending, dates away, and software needed) and we will accommodate your request as best we can.

The PRC has a compute server that is accessible at the PRC and remotely.

Stats Server information

The PRC offers individual, backed up, disk space on the T Drive.

Each PRC user has their own T: Drive.

The data stored on your T drive is backed up on a nightly basis. We highly recommend that you save your files to the T Drive instead of the C drive of your PRC computer because of the reliability of the regular backups. If something is only stored on your desktop C drive and the computer crashes, the information is likely not recoverable. To keep backup costs down, please do not save personal photos or music files on the T Drive.