Getting Started at the PRC

Computing Services provides the faculty, students, and staff of the PRC with a variety of computing resources to aid in research and everyday work.  If you don’t have a PRC Windows account, you will need to fill out a Computer Account Request form and put it in the mailbox labeled HELP in room 2.214C of the CLA Building.  The Computer Account Request form is available here.

Getting Help:

Any questions or concerns that you have about your computing needs at the PRC should be sent to and not to individual CS staff.  This will ensure that you receive the quickest and best response.


Information on how to add the Ricoh hallway printers to your PRC domain computer.


Each PRC user will be added to the PRC Email notification list.  We send out important notices to this E-mail list including PRC server maintenance notices.  Please let us know if you change your Email address.  If you have a PRC Email accont on the Austin Exchange server, you can access it from a web browser on any computer using the URL below:  (Use your EID and EID password to login)

PRC Lab:

The PRC computer lab is located in room 2.706 on the 2nd floor of the CLA Building.  It is available for use anytime, but you will need your assigned proximity card to access it after hours and on the weekends.  All other computers at the PRC are assigned to specific users.  There are 19 computers and a flatbed scanner available for use in the lab.  There is a variety of research software installed in the lab including Stata SE, SPSS, SAS, MPlus, Stat/Transfer, MathCAD, and ArcGIS.  A chart at the entrance of the lab gives details on where each specific software package is installed.  All lab computers have Microsoft Office, Endnote, Stata SE, and Adobe Acrobat Pro installed.

PRC Windows Stats Server

The PRC provides and maintains a Windows server running statistical programs such as SAS and STATA to aid in your research.  This server can be accessed remotely.  You must be a PRC affiliate to use the PRC Windows Stats Server.  For more information click here.

PRC File Server and file storage information:

Each PRC user receives 10 GBs of personal storage space.  This personal storage space is displayed within Windows Explorer as your T: drive.  If your computer is part of the PRC domain, clicking on “My Documents” or “Documents” will take you directly to your T: drive and these files can only be accessed by you.  Your T: drive is backed up daily and is the best place to store your important files.  Please do not store important files on the C: drive of your computer as these files are not backed up.

We ask that you please store all of your files on your T: drive or in your assigned project space on the Q: drive as that is the safest and most secure place for them.  You are responsible for backing up any files stored on your local C: drive. 

Temporary storage is available on the “Scratch” drive.  The “Scratch” drive will show up as the X: drive in Windows Explorer or “My Computer”.  The files on the Windows Scratch drive are never backed up and are deleted at the end of each semester.  It is to be used for temporary storage or for sharing files with other PRC users.  Everyone can access it and it is NOT secure.  Feel free to create your own folders on the “Scratch” drive when needed, but always have a backup copy (if needed) as anyone could delete these files.