Software and Data Archives


An extensive collection of software is maintained on the network and locally on desktops.  The software includes but is not limited to:

  • demographic analysis programs
  • statistical packages including SAS, SPSS, STATA, and SUDAAN
  • office suites including word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation packages
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) packages including Arc/Info, ArcView, and Atlas GIS
  • various communication packages.

Data Archives

The PRC data archives include US and foreign Census and survey tapes and their accompanying codebooks.  Working copies of the archived data are stored on-site for easy access, and the original data are stored in an off-site vault.

Media Library

The Data Services facility organizes and maintains a Media Library of IBM nine-track tapes, cartridges, CDs, disk data sets and 8mm tapes.