Statistical Server (STATS)

The Population Research Center offers a Windows 2008 terminal server for statistical analysis.  The server is available for PRC affiliates to use on campus and remotely.

Currently available Software:

  • Stata/SE 13
  • SAS 9.3
  • Mplus 7
  • Stat/Transfer (Available upon request due to licensing restrictions)
  • HLM 7
  • Latent Gold
  • Lisrel (Student)
  • R
  • Endnote X4
  • Notepad++
  • 7-Zip
  • MS Office
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

Connecting to STATS from a Windows computer

Connecting to STATS from a Mac

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm working with a very large dataset and my programs are taking a long time to run. Is there any way to speed things up?

Yes, we've found that in some cases moving your large data file to the local hard drive will speed up your analysis. The data files will not be backed up in this location, so you should continue to store your programs on the T: or Q: drive.  Please contact so we can set up a secure directory on the server.

Can I browse the web on the STATS server?

Yes, but some limitations are in place to maintain security.

Can I download files from my web browser on the STATS server?

Downloading of files from most websites is blocked as this is a common way for malware to infect systems. We have made a few exceptions including sites housed here at UT ( along with some data provider websites. Methods for accessing downloaded files from STATS are listed below:

  • Email to get details on transferring files to and from your local computer.

Connecting to STATS from a Windows computer:

Open the Remote Desktop Connection Client which is located in the Windows Start Menu under All Programs - Accessories.

Stats Login 1

Connect to in the Remote Desktop Connection client.

Stats Confirm

Confirm that you want to trust this server.

Stats Login 2

Enter your PRC credentials with PRC\ in front of your username:

Connecting to STATS from a Macintosh computer:

Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client. This is included with the latest version of Mac Office or it can be downloaded and installed from the following link:

Stats Login 1

Connect to in the Remote desktop Connection client.

Stats Confirm

Enter your PRC credentials and domain name as seen here.