Daniel S. Hamermesh

Faculty Research AssociatePh.D., Yale University

Sue Killam Professor Emeritus in the Foundations of Economics
Daniel S. Hamermesh


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Beauty Pays

BEAUTY PAYS. Princeton University Press, 2011, Cover

BEAUTY PAYS. Princeton University Press, 2011, Table of Contents



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Beauty Pays Research Papers

General: "Beauty and the Labor Market," American Economic Review, 1994 PDF Version

Lawyers: "Beauty, Productivity and Discrimination; Lawyers' Looks and Lucre," Journal of Labor Economics, 1998 PDF Version

Ad. execs: "Business Success and Businesses' Beauty Capital," Economics Letters, 2000 Word Version

China: "Dress for Success: Does Primping Pay?" Labour Economics, 2002 PDF Version

College Teaching: "Beauty in the Classroom: Instructors' Pulchritude and Putative Pedagogical Productivity," Economics of Education Review, 2005 PDF Version

Economists: "Changing Looks and Changing 'Discrimination': The Beauty of Economists," Economics Letters, 2006 PDF Version

Happiness: "'Beauty Is the Promise of Happiness'"? European Economic Review, 2013 PDF Version

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Economics Is Everywhere

Cover for Economics is Everywhere

Table of Contents, Description and Chapter 1

Time Use Papers

"Not Working at Work: Loafing, Unemployment and Labor Productivity," (with K. Genadek and M. Burda)

"The Stress Cost of Children" PDF File

"Long Workweeks and Strange Hours" Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2015 PDF File

"Not Enough Time?" American Economist, Sept. 2014 PDF File

"A Gift of Time" Labour Economics, 2013 (with D. Kawaguchi and J. Lee) PDF File

"Cyclical Variation in Labor Hours and Productivity Using the ATUS," American Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings, 2013 (with M. Burda and J. Stewart) PDF File    ATUS-Based Productivity Series

"How Do Immigrants Spend Their Time? The Process of Assimilation" Journal of Population Economics, 2013 (with S. Trejo) PDF File

"Total Work and Gender: Facts and Possible Explanations," Journal of Population Economics, 2013 (with M. Burda and P. Weil) PDF File

"Aggregate Impacts of a Gift of Time," American Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings, 2012 (with J. Lee and D. Kawaguchi) PDF File

"The Timing of Labor Demand," Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, 2012 (with A. Cardoso and J.Varejao) PDF File

"Unemployment, Market Work and Household Production" Economics Letters, May 2010 (with M. Burda) PDF File

"Incentives, Time Use and BMI: The Roles of Eating, Grazing and Goods," Economics and Human Biology, March 2010 PDF File

“A Structural Model of the Fixed Time Costs of Market Work,” Economics Letters, September 2009 (with S. Donald) PDF File

“The Demand for Variety: A Household Production Perspective,” Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2008 (with R. Gronau) PDF File

“Cues for Timing and Coordination: Latitude, Letterman and Longitude,” Journal of Labor Economics, April 2008 (with C. Myers and M. Pocock) PDF File

"Direct Estimates of Household Production," Economics Letters, January 2008 PDF File

"The Economics of Workaholism," Berkekley Electronic Journal in Economic Analysis and Policy: Contributions, 2008 (with Joel Slemrod). PDF File

"The Distribution of Total Work in the EU and US," (with M. Burda and P. Weil), in Boeri et al, Oxford University Press, 2008 PDF File

“Time to Eat: Household Production Under Increasing Income Inequality,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Nov. 2007, PDF File

“Stressed Out on Four Continents: Time Crunch or Yuppie Kvetch,” Review of Economics and Statistics, May 2007, (with J. Lee) PDF File

“Time vs. Goods: The Value of Measuring Household Production Technologies,” Review of Income and Wealth, March 2006 (with R. Gronau) PDF File

"Routine,” European Economic Review, January 2005 PDF File

"Timing, Togetherness and Time Windfalls," Journal of Population Economics, November 2002 PDF File

"Changing Inequality in Markets for Workplace Amenities," Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 1999 PDF File

"Crime and the Timing of Work," Journal of Urban Economics, March 1999 PDF File

“The Timing of Work over Time,” Economic Journal, January 1999 PDF File

“When We Work,” American Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings, May 1998 PDF File

"Sleep and the Allocation of Time," Journal of Political Economy, October 1990 (with J. Biddle) PDF File

"Shirking or Productive Schmoozing: Wages and the Allocation of Time at Work," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, January, 1990 PDF File

Unpublished Papers

Theory and Measurement

Citations in Ecnomics: Measurement, Uses and Impacts

Not Working at Work: Loafing, Unemployment and Labor Productivity

The Stress Cost of Children

Age, Cohort and Co-Authorship

Does Labor Legislation Benefit Workers?

Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination (Economic Journal, 2016)

Gossip Files


Salary Information

University Salaries-UT and Other Major Institutions, 1980 -

Citations to Labor Economists, 1991-

UT Graduates' Salaries--Report of a Survey

Salaries of Full Professors of Economics in Major Public Universities, 1998-99--2014-15

Published Papers

"Scholarship, Citations and Salaries: Economic Rewards in Economics," Southern Economic Journal, 1982.

"Facts and Myths About Refereeing," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1994.

"Age and Productivity Among Economists," Review of Economics and Statistics, 1998.

"Tools or Toys? The Impact of High Technology on Scholarly Productivity," Economic Inquiry, 2002.

"The Determinants of Econometric Society Fellows Elections," Econometrica, 2003.

"What Is Discrimination? Gender in the American Economic Association," American Economic Review, 2006.

"Reputation and Earnings: The Roles of Quality and Quantity in Academe," Economic Inquiry, 2012.

"Six Decades of Top Economics Publishing: Who and How?" Journal of Economic Literature, 2013.


Recent Journal Acceptance Rates

Age of Authors of Articles in Major Journals

Advice for Economists

Viewpoint: Replication in Economics (Can. Journ. Econs., August 2007)

Top 10 Tips for Jump-Starting Your Career (CSWEP Newsletter, Spring/Summer 2006)

An Old Male Economist's Advice to Young Female Economists (CSWEP Newsletter, Winter 2005)

A Media Guide for Economists (Journ. of Econ. Ed., 2004)

Microeconomic Principles Teaching Tricks (AEA Papers & Proceedings, May 2002)

Professional Etiquette for the Mature Economist (AEA Papers & Proceedings, May1993)

A Young Economist's Guide to Professional Etiquette (Journ. Econ Persps., Winter 1992)