Tetyana Pudrovska

Faculty Research AssociatePh.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Tetyana Pudrovska



Population Health Disparities, Gender and Health, Work and Health, Biopsychosocial Stress, Biodemography, Aging


Tetyana is currently working on two projects. The "Women in Leadership: Linking Stress, Health, and Equality" (WILLSHE) project (http://willsheproject.org/) explores how higher-status occupations and leadership affect women’s and men’s health. She is launching a multi-site and multi-method collection of longitudinal survey data, biomarkers, daily stress diary data, and in-depth interviews to understand how the psychological and physical health costs and rewards of job authority differ between men and women. The "Texas Dyadic Diabetes Study" project focuses on dyadic strategies of diabetes management in white and Hispanic couples in which one partner has type 2 diabetes. The project includes in-depths interviews with patients and their partners, longitudinal survey data, daily diary data, and biomarkers of metabolic health risks.