Peter Ward

Faculty Research AssociatePh.D., University of Liverpool

Professor and Associate Dean for Research, LBJ School; C.B. Smith Sr. Centennial Chair in US-Mexico Relations
Peter Ward


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Peter M. Ward received his Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool in 1976 and subsequently has held senior teaching and research positions at University College London (1976-85), The University of Cambridge (1985-91), and at The University of Texas at Austin (1991-present) where he holds the C.B. Smith Sr. Centennial Chair in US-Mexico Relations, and is professor in the Department of Sociology (College of Liberal Arts), and in the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.  Between 1993-7 and 2001-05, he was Director of the Mexican Center at the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies.  Between 2002-7 he was Editor-in-Chief of the Latin American Research Review. In 2006 he led the initiative to create the Latin American Housing Network which he coordinates at the University of Texas at Austin

In addition to over 120 scholarly articles and book chapters on public policy in Mexico and Latin America, he has written fifteen books including: Housing, the State and the Poor: Policy and Practice in Latin American Cities (with Alan Gilbert), Welfare Politics in Mexico: Papering Over the Cracks, and Mexico City: The Production and Reproduction of an Urban Environment (all translated into Spanish); Self-Help Housing: A Critique, Corruption, Development and Inequality (editor), Methodology for Land and Housing Market Analysis (coeditor), Political Change in Baja California: Democracy in the Making? (with Victoria Rodriguez), and Opposition Governments in Mexico: Past Experiences and Future Opportunities(with Victoria Rodriguez). Mexico City (second edition), New Federalism and State Government in Mexico: Bringing the States Back In (with Victoria Rodriguez), Colonias and Public Policy in Texas: Urbanization by Stealth.  His most recent books are Governance in the Americas: Decentralization Democracy and Subnational Government in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil (2008), Metropolitan Governance in the Federalist Americas (2012), and (2014) Housing Policies in Latin American Cities: A New Generation of Strategies and Approaches for 2016 UN-HABITAT III.

His principal research interests are Latin American urbanization, contemporary Mexican politics, housing policy and planning, Mexico City, and colonia-type housing in the United States. At various times he has served as adviser to the Mexican government and to a number of international development agencies.




Recent Publications 2011 -- present.  (See c.v. for full list since 1976.) 


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