Yasmiyn Irizarry

Faculty Research AssociatePh.D., Indiana University, Bloomington

Assistant Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies
Yasmiyn Irizarry



Dr. Yasmiyn Irizarry is an Assistant Professor in the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies and Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Sociology. She earned her PhD in Sociology from Indiana University in 2011, after which she spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Mississippi State University. Dr. Irizarry is quantitative sociologist by training with research interests in sociology of education, race and ethnicity, and social inequality. In addition to her work on the quantitative measurement of race, her current research also examines inequality in students' educational experiences across the academic pipeline, including the relationships between (1) race and teacher perceptions in primary school, (2) racialized tracking and inequality in math coursetaking at the high school level, and (3) race, identity integration, and perceived discrimination among undergradaute STEM majors.

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