Daniel Briley

PRC Graduate Student TraineeB.A., Pepperdine University

PRC Graduate Student Trainee; NICHD Pre-Doctoral Trainee
Daniel Briley



Daniel Briley’s primary research interests concern the integration of psychological, genetic, and sociological perspectives on human development.  Daniel is actively engaged in data collection for the Twin Project at the University of Texas, a population-based sample of monozygotic and dizygotic school-aged twins residing in the Austin area.  Data from the Twin Project will be used to clarify the complex interrelations and interactions between genes, personality, cognition, and achievement over the course of child development.  In addition to his work on the Twin Project, Daniel is involved in secondary analysis of data from nationally representative samples of children and young adults.  One current project examines socioeconomic status as a moderator of the relations between highschooler’s interests and their knowledge acquisition.

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