2010 International Conference on Aging in the Americas

Wed, September 15, 2010 | AT&T Executive Conference Center

The Conference Series on Aging in the Americas has several goals, one is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration by gathering a broad array of researchers in the fields of Hispanic health, health care policy, and behavioral and social aspects of aging into a single forum to exchange ideas and foster collaborative efforts aimed at addressing key issues affecting the health of aged Latinos. The conference research agenda is unique in its focus on the aging population in the United States and Mexico and has important implications for the health and well-being of older Hispanic adults and their families.

The 2010 International Conference on Aging in the Americas is the fourth installment of a conference series established in 2001. The ultimate objective of the conference is to develop consensus on the best means of ensuring healthful aging of individuals of Mexican ancestry in the United States to inform health care policy and research.

September 15-17, 2010

Visit the website for the Conference Series on Aging in the Americas.

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