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Fehintola (Tola) Mosadomi

Assistant Professor Ph.D., 1998, Interdisciplinary Linguistics and Yoruba Phonology, Tulane University

Assistant Professor, Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Fehintola (Tola) Mosadomi



Fehintola Mosadomi is assistant professor in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies.

She holds a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary linguistics with a minor in Francophone studies from Tulane University, with two master’s degrees from the University of Delaware.

Her research interests include Yoruba language, culture and history, Yoruba women and Creole studies.

Dr. Mosadomi is a poet, who has authored several articles in books and journals on Creole studies, African language and gender, African linguistics and pedagogy. She is completing her manuscript on Yoruba grammar.

Dr. Mosadomi was awarded the Dana-Dartmouth Fellowship, was a Fellow at the Center for Research on Women at Tulane University, and is a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. She received a grant from Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services for Yoruba technology.

Courses taught:
First Year Yoruba I, First Year Yoruba II, Second Year Yoruba I, Second Year Yoruba II, Yoruba Women, Yoruba History and Culture

Recent Publications:"Food and Language: African Roots of American Southern Culture." In Toyin Falola, ed. Restless Minds. Forthcoming 2007.

"Cultural Continuity: Masking Traditions of the Black Mardi Gras Indians and Yoruba Egungun." Joyce Jackson and Fehintola Mosadomi in Toyin Falola and Ann Genova, eds. Orisa: Yoruba Gods and Spirituality in Africa and the Diaspora. New Jersey: Africa Wold Press, Inc., 2005.

"A Salute to the African Woman." In Alfred Fayemi, ed. Windows to the Soul: Photographs Celebrating African Women. New York: Albofa Press, 2003.

"Marriage, Women and Tradition in Guillaume Oyono Mbia's 'Three Suitors: One Husband"' in electronic journal West Africa Review. Ed. Nkiru Nzegwu, (Special Issue) 2:1, 2000.

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