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Degree Requirements

The International Relations and Global Studies major consists of a total of 39 hours. It has a rigorous foreign language requirement, includes a mandatory study abroad component, and culminates in a senior capstone research course.  Additionally, students complete an introductory course, an upper-division course that focuses on topics in international relations, and a series of required core courses from various academic departments.  IRG majors must also complete 12 hours of upper-division coursework in one of four interdisciplinary study tracks:  Culture, Media, and the Arts; International Security; Science, Technology, and the Environment; or International Political Economy.  Lastly, IRG students must complete a minor in one of six regional areas of concentration:  African and African Diaspora Studies, Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, or Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies.   

Major Requirements

In addition to the general degree requirements listed by the College of Liberal Arts, the following courses are required to complete the major in IRG:

  • IRG 301: Introduction to International Relations and Global Studies
  • ECO 301: Introduction to Economics, ECO 304K: Introduction to Microeconomics, or ECO 304L: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • GRG 305: The Human World: Introduction to Human Geography
  • One course in World History - 3 hours (link to: World History approved courses PDF)
  • One of the following:
    • ANT 302: Cultural Anthropology
    • ECO 304L: Introduction to Macroeconomics
    • RTF 312C: Global Media
    • SOC 302: Introduction to the Study of Society
  • IRG 320F: Foundations in International Relations and Global Studies (NOTE: Students in the 08/10 and 10/12 catalogs may substitute GOV 360N for this course.)
  • IRG 378: Capstone Research in International Relations and Global Studies

Study Tracks

IRG majors must complete 12 hours of upper-division coursework in one of four interdisciplinary tracks:

Minor Concentration

IRG majors must complete a minor in one of six regional areas of concentration:

Foreign Language

Competency in a foreign language is a critical foundation for understanding global issues beyond one's own perspective. The IRG degree plan requires 6 hours of upper-division coursework in a single foreign language in addition to the mandatory College of Liberal Arts foreign language requirement. A student will most likely complete the upper-division coursework in the same language as his/her lower division sequence; however, it is acceptable to complete the 6 hours of upper-division coursework in a different language than that used for the lower-division sequence if the student is able to meet the prerequisites.

Study Abroad

Spending time in an academic setting outside the United States enables IRG majors to step outside of the confines of The University of Texas at Austin and study global affairs from a different vantage point. Not only does the study abroad experience allow students to apply their foreign-based coursework toward their degree, but this requirement also is meant to contribute toward a more general broadening of one's education and life experience beyond the university. There is an ever-expanding number of study-abroad programs that cater to many different specific interests, which can be explored in greater depth through the UT Study Abroad Office.

Degree Requirements

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