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Internal Transfer Admission

As of 8/15/14 all internal transfers into the IRG major will need to complete an application for admission.

The number of students who want to major in IRG exceeds the number who can be adequately instructed by the faculty.  There are likely to be more students who will be eligible to apply to the IRG major than can be admitted, so meeting the minimum requirements in not a guarantee of admission to the IRG major.  

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for internal transfer into the IRG major as an undergraduate student you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA with at least 12 hours in residence taken for a letter grade.
  2. Must be prior to the fifth long semester in college, at UT Austin or at a previous institution.  Transfer students entering the university with 4 or more semesters can only apply in their first semester.*
  3. Must have at least two of the following in progress or completed:
    • At least one foreign language course with a grade of C or higher
    • ECO 301, 304K or 304L
    • GRG 305
    • ANT 302, RTF 312C or SOC 302
    • Three hours from the minor area
  4. Must attend one of the following internal transfer information sessions to be considered for summer and fall 2015 admission (no RSVP required).
    • Wednesday, 1/28 at 4pm in CLA 1.302D
    • Thursday, 2/19 at 12pm in CLA 1.302D
    • Tuesday, 3/10 at 11am in CLA 1.302D
    • Wednesday, 4/15 at 3pm in CLA 1.302D
    • Thursdsay, 4/30 at 3pm in CLA 1.302D

Please Note: The intent of the internal transfer session is to enhance your understanding of IRG as a major at UT and therefore help you determine if IRG is the right major for you.  

* Students will have an opportunity to explain any special circumstances related to this criterion, e.g. a reduced course load accommodation through Services for Students with Disabilities.

IRG Application Deadline

Deadline for summer and fall 2015 admission: May 15, 2015 at 11:59pm.  Apply HERE.

Internal Transfer Info Sessions for Summer and Fall 2015 Admission:

1/28/15 @ 4pm in CLA 1.302D

2/19/15 @12pm in CLA 1.302D

3/10/15 @11am in CLA 1.302D

4/15/15 @3pm in CLA 1.302D

4/30/15 @3pm in CLA 1.302D

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