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Larry D. Carver, Director CLA 2.104, Mailcode G6210, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3458
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The Liberal Arts Honors Program gives some of the University’s best students tools they need to change the world. With small classes, top professors, individualized coursework, and an active learning community, Liberal Arts Honors broadens the worldview of students and prepares them to lead. Students call this program the best of both worlds—the personal attention of a small liberal arts college with the resources of a major research university. Almost 500 students, including 130 freshmen, participate in the program each year.


We are seeking your support to ensure the ongoing success of the Liberal Arts Honors Program, to make LAH one of the premier honors programs in the country. To do so we need to attract the best students to come to U.T. Austin. Scholarships can make the difference when top students are considering whether to attend U.T. or another university. For some students, a scholarship makes it possible to attend college in the first place.


In our pursuit of excellence we want to provide these gifted students, once on campus, with the opportunities to become agents of change. We are seeking funding for three specific opportunities, which we believe are central to a liberal education. First is studying abroad, a key to an education for leadership in the 21st century. We would like every entering LAH student to come with a passport, prepared to take learning far beyond the classroom. We also want each of our students to be engaged in research, conceiving of new problems, new questions, and imaginative ways of approaching them. Research often comes with the costs--new materials, equipment, and travel. And finally, we want our students to participate in internships, which provide practical experience while offering crucial insights into potential careers, but which are often unpaid.


The Liberal Arts Honors Program is contributing to the health of society one student at a time. With your help we can bring the nation’s best to The University of Texas at Austin and turn them into the next generation of leaders.

College of Liberal Arts, Liberal Arts Honors Campaign Committee 2012

Parents, alumni and students will come together through 2013 to raise $1,500,000.

Alex and Layne de Alvarez
Houston, TX
Martin W. Dies III, Chair
Austin, TX
Andre Kovensky
San Francisco, CA
Judy Perkins
Houston, TX
Juan R. Salem
Arlington, VA
Doug Schmidt
Midland, TX
Ruth L. Suzman
Scarsdale, NY
Bryan and Allison Wagner
Fort Worth, TX
J. Garland and Laurie Watson
College Station, TX

Contact Kathleen Aronson, Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts with any questions.


Office phone: 475-9763

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