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2009-2010 LAH Student Council Election of Officers

The Liberal Arts Honors Student Council is proud to announce its new officers for 2009-2010...

Posted: April 30, 2009

President: Carter Olson
Vice President: Juan Salem
Secretary: Janette Martinez
Treasurer: Nicholas Hancox
Historians: Faeeza Faruq, Kela Kundert
Mentoring Chairs: Andy Jones, Rebecca Reilly, Jennifer Pier
Academic Chairs: Lauren Winchester, Tamara Marshall, Katie Ridnour
Social Chairs: Frances Deavers, Kirsten Gassman
Publicity Chairs: Alexandra Young, Matt Wright
Service Chairs: Katie Ridnour, Aftyn Behn
Environmental Chair: Sarah Lawson
Distinguished Members of the Council: Anna Russo, Sterling Jones    


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