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Elizabeth Scala, Director CAL 213, Mailcode B5000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-8375

Stephennie Mulder

Assistant Professor Ph.D.

MDV 392M • The Islamic City

40995 • Fall 2010
Meets F 900am-1200pm ART 3.432
(also listed as MES 390 )
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This seminar  will explore the morphology & sociology of cities in Islamic history, using primary texts & architectural/archaeological data to identify & analyze the primary factors shaping civic forms & structures.  We will examine a variety of individual cities, from fiat cities planned by Caliphal decree to those that developed on top of some of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited urban centers.  We will probe how medieval Muslims themselves conceptualized, understood, & represented their cites, both textually & visually.  We will also critically examine the idea of the “Islamic City” as it evolved in the West, from the earliest observations of 19th-century Orientalist scholars & Muslim reformers to contemporary academic formulations.  We will ask how & why the framework of the Islamic City might still be relevant, over 1400 years after the advent of this world-encompassing faith. 



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