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How to Apply to Plan II Honors

Important details in the Plan II Honors Application Process

  • Detailed outline of What's Needed to Complete an Application to Plan II Honors.
  • Every Plan II applicant must choose the College of Liberal of Arts as one of the two college choices on ApplyTexas. If choosing a second college, in addition to the College of Liberal Arts (such as the Red McCombs School of Business, College of Communication, the Cockrell School of Engineering or the College of Fine Arts), put the other college in the "first" position. REALLY! Plan II doesn't care if Plan II is noted as first or second. The other colleges do. A lot. Really.

    To maximize your likelihood of admission to the College(s) of Communication, Red McCombs School of Business, Fine Arts or Engineering you should note the other college in the first spot.  The order is not important in the Plan II Honors admission review.  It is important to several colleges' admission and scholarship decisions. Again, the order of the college and major choices is not relevant in the Plan II admission review process.  What we want is for our applicants to have opportunities.   

  • In almost all cases, to be considered for admission to the Department of Art and Art History (art history, pre-design, studio art, and visual art studies/teacher certification), the applicant must indicate a major in this department as the first choice. The College of Fine Arts (CFA) usually will not schedule auditions for prospective music majors who do not put CFA in the "first" college choice spot.    
  • CHANGE College/Major on-line using MYSTATUS:  Applicants who want to change their majors can now make the change online through MyStatus. The process is available only until the individual student's application moves into review. Students completing the honors application wishing to change their major may do so on the Be A Longhorn website.
  • At the end of the ApplyTexas application, under "saved questions," the applicant will see a link for "freshman honors program." Follow the link, and respond "YES" when the application asks if the applicant is "interested in applying to an honors program?" Within 24 to 48 hours of submission of ApplyTexas, the applicant will receive a "thank you for applying to the University of Texas at Austin" email. At that point, the applicant may access the on-line honors application through the MYSTATUS or BeALonghorn. Read all the Plan II application instructions and requirements before completing.

    NOTE BEFORE SUBMITTING APPLYTEXAS: The honors program to which the applicant can apply will have been determined by the colleges the applicant noted at the beginning of ApplyTexas. If the applicant did not note the College of Liberal Arts as one of the college choices, the applicant will not have the option of choosing Plan II Honors as for application on the on-line honors application.

  • Every applicant is responsible for checking the status of his/her application throughout the application process.


Plan II encourages electronic submission of all documents, including résumés and essays. Any documents mailed, should be sent to the following address via US Mail to:

Office of Admission-Processing
University of Texas at Austin
PO BOX 8058
Austin, TX 78713-8058

To express/overnight materials through a private delivery service
(FedEx, DHL, etc), use:

Tel: 512-475-7387
UT Austin
Office of Admissions/Main 7
2400 Inner Campus Drive
Austin, TX 78712

Do NOT mail, email or fax any documents, payments or materials directly to Plan II Honors.  All application materials go directly to the UT Office of Admission.


  • Deadline for application to UT Austin and to Plan  II for fall freshman admission is December 1, with no exceptions.  

  • Plan II reviews application in the order the applications are completed and conducts “rolling” admissions.  We will make offers of admission to the fall as early as late October.  There will be fewer spots available as we move closer to the deadline.  Competition will be stiffer as fewer spots are available.  So apply as early as possible.
  • Plan II Honors recommends that all applicants apply well before DECEMBER 1.  October 15 is a good target date.  Applicants that are not able to complete an application by October 15 should simply try to get the application complete as soon as possible.  If there are problems with your application we have time to help you  complete your application before the deadline.

  • Applicants must complete AND submit the application to gain access to the on-line honors application, the UT housing application and the scholarship application.  Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t spend months rewriting essays--there is little to gain after the second or third draft.

  • Remember to hit the submit button on ApplyTexas.  This is a very common mistake that will torpedo your application.  Forgetting to hit the submit button will not be considered a "good excuse" for a late application.  You will miss the boat.

  • See the status of your application documents at MYSTATUS Every applicant is responsible for checking  the status of his/her own application documents and application status.

  • It’s imperative to recognize that the deadline is a "received by" deadline, not a "post-marked" deadline.  The transcripts, test scores (SAT or ACT with writing, officially, electronically reported from the TESTING AGENCY, not photocopied on HS transcripts) and essays must be at the University's Office of Admissions on or before December 1....not “in the mail.”

  • SAT and ACT test scores must be officially/electronically reported to the University of Texas Office of Admissions by the testing agency.  Scores that are reflected on high school transcripts will NOT fulfill application requirements.

  • Plan II admission decisions are independent from other admission decisions at the University of Texas. An applicant does not need to take any action to stay in the UT Austin applicant pool if denied by Plan II Honors or any other competitive major/degree.

  • The Office of Admissions will accept ACT/SAT scores for 2014 summer/fall freshman applicants until December 31.

  • All other items needed to complete a student’s application must arrive by the December 1 deadline.

  • Two essays are required to apply to UT.  The same two essays, Essay C and either Essay A, B or D, will fulfill Plan II Honors essay requirements and UT scholarship application requirements.  (If an applicant applies to Architecture or to Fine Arts, Essay D is required in place of Essay A or Essay B.

  • Plan II does not admit freshman to spring or summer  semesters.

  • Interviews are NOT offered as part of the Plan II  Honors application process.

  • Print and keep copies of every document you mail or submit electronically.

  • The Fall 2014 application deadline will be December 1.


Questions concerning Plan II admission?  Please email Plan II Admissions Director, Kerry Pasquale.

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