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On-Campus Housing


  • An applicant may apply for on-campus housing as soon as the UT Austin application process is complete (as soon as the applicant sees the green "complete" button on the MyStatus site).

  • Because housing choice order is based, first, on the date of the housing application, the earlier the application is submitted, the better.

  • Applicants should NOT wait until they receive an admission offer or until they have made their college choice decisions if they want to live on the UT Austin campus

  • The Housing application may be found at applicant's MyStatus site, under the Housing tab.

  • See Residence Hall information.

An early housing application is critical if you think that you might be interested in living in honors housing, apply for housing as soon as your entire application (University of Texas at Austin application requirements:  ApplyTexas; application fee; Essay A and Essay B; official high school transcripts; SAT or ACT test scores) for admission is complete.  Do not delay.  The date of your housing application is the first thing that determines your order in dorm choice. 

  • After you are offered admission, choose UT Austin and pay the $200 enrollment fee, UT Housing will offer you a housing contract. 
  • After you sign and return your housing contract, and pay your advance housing payment of $300, you’ll be able to make your housing choices online. 
  • Your residence hall assignment and room-mate are not finalized until July.

Other Housing Options

Honors housing is certainly a terrific option, but by no means the only good housing option on- or off-campus. Although there may be more of a "community" feel in the honors quad, we think Plan II offers other ways for students to find a "sense of community" (common rooms, student organizations, Voltaire's Coffees, the Plan II student volunteer groups and Plan II drama, poetry, engineering, pre-law, pre-med, and business groups, parties, etc.). The mixers, lectures, field trips and other events sponsored by the Honors Center are open to all honors students, whether they live in the honors dorms or elsewhere. If you have a close friend with whom you want to room at one of the non-honors dorms, you should follow your heart. Of the few complaints I have heard about housing, it's rarely about the dorm, the sense of community or anything else other than a bad roommate match-up (except the expected complaints about the food). The coolest dorm building doesn't make up for a dud roommate.

Off-Campus Housing

Just in case you need or want to search for off-campus housing, DSHSF maintains information on private dorms, University Co-ops, and other Austin area housing (apartments and condos close to campus). This website serves as an information clearinghouse for all the private dorms in the campus area. Most of the private dorms (3 or 4 are literally "right across the street") are really the same as living on campus. A few are better financial deals. The Dobie residences at Dobie Mall, The Castilian, University Towers, and Goodall-Wooten are a few of the closest private dorms. Some of these are actually more convenient to parts of campus (classrooms, libraries and the Union) than many of the campus residences. Residents are as studious, well-fed, clean, and safe as those in any campus residence.

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