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Michael Stoff, Director 305 East 23rd St, CLA 2.102, (G3600) Austin, TX 78712-1250 • 512-471-1442

Plan II Alumni: 1970s

Maureen L. Adair, '76
Maureen, who left Texas for Hartford, Connecticut, after completing her MD at Baylor College of Medicine, returned to Austin in 1988 to start a practice in adolescent psychology. She and her husband have three children.

Anna Cutler Cameron (nee Cutler) '75
Anna is proud to announce the engagement of her son, Chris Cameron Morley, Plan II '08 to Kacy Jo Peek, Plan II '09.

She writes, "Kacy and Chris are currently living in New York City while Chris completes his Law Degree from NYU in May 2011, and the wedding will follow that graduation. I am really hoping they will plan the wedding to coordinate with the Plan II reunion AND the NYU graduation next year. It's a long way from Australia to Texas, not to mention New York. Well done, Chris and Kacy!"

Craig Clifford, '74
I teach philosophy and direct the honors programs at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. Information about those honors programs and about me can be found at, and I can be reached at

Laine Farley, '73
I'm the Director of Digital Library Services, California Digital Library, University of California at UC's systemwide office in Oakland, CA. We produce the online catalog (known as Melvyl) for the UC system, which lists 23 million books, and we produce or license other digital materials (journals, images, databases). After getting my BA, I worked at the Texas Union for a few years, then got an MLS at UT, worked at Stephen F. Austin State Univ., and have been at UC libraries since 1982.

You can write Laine Farley at

Dudley M. Gallagher Jr, '71
I would have been a '71 program graduate, had Mr. Burkett, the Plan II advisor, had a better sense of humor. For some reason, he took umbrage at my Philosophy paper for his course being a parody of what he considered to be his keynote lecture. I received the only F in a 220 person lecture class...a signal honor in its own right. I have been a Marine, an oilfield engineer, and, for the last 19 years, a financial advisor. I have kept up with quite a few of the Plan II group which entered in Fall, '67, but would enjoy hearing from any and all from that era. If the "Dudley" throws you, it's because I was usually just plain "Mike".

Bess Althaus Graham (aka Floy Elizabeth Althaus), '77
After graduating in 1977, it took a year at the UT Law School and several more years working in historical museums in Corpus Christi and Colorado before deciding my true passion was architecture. I received an M.Arch. from UT in 1988. I've had the good fortune to work with my husband, Madison Graham, for twenty years. In 1995, we moved our firm (MRGArchitecture) to Austin. We've also spent the past fifteen years raising three fine sons. When our son Ernest was born with Down syndrome in 1989, my life shifted towards a new focus. Working through the state agency serving infants and toddlers with disabilities (ECI), I've volunteered as an advisor and board member, but I'm most proud of the interdisciplinary courses in Early Childhood Intervention that I helped establish at UT Austin. On the professional side, Madison and I recently became LEED accredited by the US Green Building Council in sustainable design, and look forward to implementing green building practices in design work for advanced technology companies and in historic preservation. Perhaps only Plan II could have given me the philosphical tools to cope with such a divergent personal and professional life...Thanks!

I'd love to hear from my 1976-78 classmates, or anyone else in the architectural or disability fields. Contact me at

Carl Gregory, '72
I am married to Samornsri (Piak) Pitaktong, originally of Bankok, Thailand. Our daughter Jeanne-Jo was born August 31, 1995, in Austin.
You can write Carl Gregory at

Pam Higgins, '75
I followed my Plan II program with a MBA at UT. I chose it because I wanted to stay in Austin and thought a business degree would be a piece of cake after my Plan II degree (besides, everyone knew that business majors couldn't stand up to the rigors of our curriculum!!). Boy, was I wrong.

I spent 20 years as a banker in Houston and NYC and recently retired back to Austin. You can reach me at my email address:

Pam HigginsPam Higgins, 5100 Beverly Skyline, Austin, TX 78731

Philip J. Koehler, '72
I am an attorney with the law firm of Morrison & Foerster where I specialize in employee benefits, executive compensation and related tax and labor law matters. I received my law degree from the University of Southern California Law Center and an M.B.A. from the Graduate School of Management at the University of California at Irvine.
You can write Philip J. Koehler at

David Kusin, '72
This is the first update of my original website submission, and I encourage all of you to take the leap. One of the key elements to sustain a bona fide honors program in a state university, especially one with a global stance, is the existence of a vibrant alumni community. An electronic communication facility such as this plays an important role.

Debbie and I married in 1990 and live with our son Gefen (born in 1992), two dogs (Caius and Arrow) and a cat (Gracie) in a 1930s Dallas faux Georgian bungalow that was preserved intact while being wrapped with a modernist wing that finally permits us to welcome guests without consigning Gefen to the living room sofa.

My business, Kusin & Company, is an institutional economics research firm founded in 1998 that has developed an interesting niche as the only comprehensive focal point on the movement of fine art, decorative art, and antiquities. It is a logical extension of my first two careers – as a curator and then as an investment banker – so keeps me very busy and generates much interest.

Despite the profile of my work, family life provides my central interests, and as a geriatric parent I revel in all aspects of Gefen’s school life, including his lacrosse and water polo teams. We also go fly fishing whenever we can and enjoy cycling. I have been fortunate to remain in touch with two 1971 Plan II classmates, Dirk Schenkkan in San Francisco and James Wood in Denver. I also see Steve Van (1971), Lang Reid (1972), and Brian Dethrow (1980?) from time to time since Dallas is a surprisingly small town.

Please feel free to write me at

Austin Ligon ’73
Seattle-based Redfin said Thursday afternoon that founder and former CarMax CEO, Austin Ligon, has joined the company's board of directors. According to Redfin, the addition of Ligon to the board also includes a "small investment" in the company. Financial terms of the investment were not disclosed. Ligon founded Carmax in 1993. Redfin said the addition of Ligon is "a big vote of confidence" for the firm's business.

Errique G. Lopez, '77
I graduated with a Plan II B.A. degree in August of 1977. In 1990, I received an M.A. in English from UT-Austin, and in Sept. of 1998, I received my Ph.D. degree in English (with an emphasis in Chicano/a Literature) from The Ohio State University. Beginning in the Fall 2002, I am an Assistant Professor of English at Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ (a suburb of Newark, NJ); I am also Coordinator of the Freshman Core Program (first-year English courses). At Bloomfield College, I go by my professional name, Dr. Itzcoatl Tlaloc Meztli. My office telephone number is (973) 748-9000, ext. 139.

Richard Maurer, '73
I am a freelance writer living in central Massachusetts, currently working on a traveling exhibit on the Hubble Space Telescope. Speaking of which, our classmate Kimberley Dickey--now known as Kimberley Estes on account of her late marriage to an astrophysicist of that name--is invited to a reunion of her friends at the Harvard University Press Bookstore (as they recently told me). Does anyone know how to reach her?

You can write Richard Maurer at

Daniel Rigney, '71
Daniel is sociologist and director of the honors program at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, has recently published The Metaphorical Society: An Invitation to Social Theory (Rowman & Littlefield).

John H. Riskind,'70
John is a professor of psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, where he specializes in cognitive clinical theory and treatment of anxiety, depression, and emotional disorders. He is married and has two children.

David Rogers '72

I'm here in Austin since 1984 with wife Renee (Honors Engish '72) and daughter Clare, after living overseas and on all three US coasts. Enjoying the emotional abundance of counseling and chaplaincy work as well as from parenting a young teen. Doing a "role-reversal" as the only male spouse of a senior executive at Renee's Swiss-owned mfg. corp. You can write to david at

Thomas Schares, M.D.,'72

WWW Savy and recommend PlanII WWW site. Chief of Anesthesiology - Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Santa Clara and Chair of Chiefs of Anesthesiology Kaiser Permanente Northern California. You can write Thomas Schares, M.D at

John Schwartz ’79

Schwartz is the national legal correspondent for the New York Times. Previously, he was on the science desk, writing primarily about space travel. His work has taken him from the Mojave Desert to Moscow. He has written on a wide range of topics, including physician-assisted suicide, computer security, online pornography, robots, and why pregnant women don’t tip over. Before joining the Times, he worked for the Washington Post and Newsweek magazine.

Schwartz was born in Galveston and attended The University where he earned a liberal arts degree in the Plan II program and specialized in history. He graduated from The University’s Law School in 1984 and passed the bar, but has never practiced law. He married his college sweetheart, Jeanne Mixon; they have three children.

Kevin L. Shaw, '76
I'm practicing law in Los Angeles, and keep an office in Houston as well. Drop us a line at

Michael Joseph Shearn, '73
I'm serving as a member of the GT (Gifted & Talented) Advisory Council of the Northside Independent School District, San Antonio. You can write Michael Joseph Shearn at

Jay Silberberg, '74
Following Plan II, graduate school in Madison Wisconsin (MA American History), a brief unpleasant stint managing restaurants, I turned to Business. I'm currently employed at Qwest Communications in Denver as a Director, Finance. I didn't marry my college sweetheart (fortunately) but found the love of my life in Boulder, Colorado. We have two daughters and 4 cats. I'm interested in hearing from other Plan II alumni in the Denver area. I know there's at least one because there's a car in our old neighborhood with an orange bumper sticker saying something like "I don't have a major but some day I Plan II."

You can contact me at

Jared R. Stallones, '79
After teaching middle school and high school social sciences in Austin for 20 years, Jared Stallones moved into higher education. He is currently the Coordinator of the Secondary teacher credential program at California State Polytechnic University and was recently promoted to Associate Professor. His email is

Delena Tull (now Norris-Tull), '72

I am the author of two field guides to native plants of Texas, entitled "A Field Guide to Wildflowers, Trees, & Shrubs of Texas," and "A Practical Guide to Edible and Useful Plants." The book on edible plants received an award from the Native Plant Society of Texas. I now live in a remote area of Alaska, accessible only by airplane or dogsled! You can write Delena Norris-Tull at

Lisa Wagner, '76
Lisa, the Director of Education, South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson University, is an Associate Professor and plant ecologist. She's married to Tim Spira, a Professor of Biological Sciences (we're both UC Berkeley Ph.D's) and have a pampered 1st world pet, a golden retriever named Mocha.

Contact Lisa at:

Susan Lynn Wheeler, '76
After graduating in August of 1976, I received a Master’s degree in English in 1978 and a JD from UT Law in 1981. I spent a year in Houston as a briefing attorney for the Chief Justice of the First Court of Appeals, and returned to Austin in 1982 to work as a litigator for the Texas Attorney General’s office. In 1983, I returned to the First Court as a staff attorney, and took a position in 1985 at the University of Houston System in the General Counsel’s office. I’ve been practicing higher education law ever since, and am now the Policy and Legal Affairs Advisor for James Madison University in Virginia. I’m married, with two boys, a dog and some goldfish.

Contact me at

Steven Zirl, '79
I am currently the Senior Technical Writer at CCC Information Services Inc. in Glendora, California. I am also an instructor on the faculty of Santa Monica College, where I began teaching Business English this fall. I had taught at SMC previously, starting in 1990.

After leaving UT, I moved to Los Angeles to attend USC, where I got my MFA in Professional Writing. I was a freelance screenwriter for several years (I did an uncredited rewrite on "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town"), and I taught writing at a number of colleges in the Los Angeles area before taking a full-time technical writing position at CCC.

I live in Los Angeles in the Mt. Washington area, located between downtown L.A. and Pasadena. Plan II students who are interested in learning about a career in Technical Writing should feel free to contact me.

My email address is

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