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Rome Study Abroad Program - Student Testimonials

Plan II Instructor: Karl Galinsky, Cailloux Centennial Professor of Classics and University Distinguished Teaching Professor



Participating Students, 2008:

Angela Barratt (Plan II), Andrew Cross (Plan II, Electrical Engineering honors), Priya Hora (Plan II, Civil Engineering honors), Dhananjay Jagannathan (Plan II, Classics, Philosophy, Linguistics), Amanda Jones (Plan II, Psychology, Management), Matt Jones (Plan II, Communication Studies), Amanda Longoria (Plan II, Nutrition), James Magown (Plan II, Pre-Sport Management), Cheuk Ng (Plan II, Music), Ashley Park (Plan II, Art History), Harrison Powers (Plan II, English), Megan Sanders (Plan II, Psychology), Anne Thompson (Plan II), Elaine Wang (Plan II, English), Sherry Yao (Plan II, Psychology, Pre-med)

Participants' Perspectives

The classes were perfect in that they were classes that we wouldn't have been able to take in Austin. Museum and site visits didn't supplement the class;stdnts-08fountain they were the class…The biggest asset was definitely Professor Galinsky, who always seemed to know exactly what he was doing, where we were going, what we were looking at, etc., at any given time… I would definitely recommend it to any Plan II student.

Matt Jones                      



I really enjoyed every aspect of it – our classes, my peers, the apartments and neighborhood where we stayed, the places we visited, and the people we talked to… I liked how both classes changed how I thought about Rome. I also really enjoyed studying with other Plan II students. We got along well right away and were very close by the end of the program. Having such smart and interesting people on the trip added a lot. My friends offered perspectives from their own fields of interest – whether Latin, art history, students-windowsEnglish, classics, or engineering – which made for interesting discussions. Besides the people, one of the things I liked most about the trip was that I really came to understand Rome as a city. Through our classes we learned its history and talked about its future, but in our ample free time we also explored the city ourselves. It was exciting to know my way around after the first week or so, between our class excursions and our own walks around Rome. It was especially nice when I was familiar enough with Trastevere, our neighborhood, that it felt like home. Overall, this program was fantastic and by far one of my favorite learning experiences.

Megan Sanders                       

lecture-columnsOur four weeks in Rome were packed with amazing sites and adventures, all with great faculty and staff (both from UT and AIRC) along to help you get the most out of everything you see…We saw pretty much everything there is to see in Rome, and got credit for two Plan II classes on the way. Of course, we didn’t spend all our time eating gelato and site seeing; we worked hard for our classes, too. There was quite a bit of reading for each class day, and a lot of writing each week… The short length of the program explained the tight schedule,… but its current length allowed for trips on your own before and after, or getting back home with enough time to work some or catch the second summer session. It was definitely not a program where you are completely immersed in the culture as you are with language-focused, semester-long programs, but it was a great way to explore a country without needing to learn the language,nd I enjoyed myself immensely. The classes, though intense, were interesting and informative; the professors, friendly and knowledgeable; the experience, unforgettable!

Amanda Jones             


Remember your sunscreen, a pair of jeans, really comfy shoes and ziploc bags! ruins-tour

 La Dolce Vitapatio                                                                                    

A dorm room in Rome                  

dorm-rome   Prepare to be amazed fact, many times a day                       



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