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Michael Stoff, Director 305 East 23rd St, CLA 2.102, (G3600) Austin, TX 78712-1250 • 512-471-1442

Spring 2008

T C 357 • The Divide Between Democrats and Republicans in the United States

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
43745 TTh
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
MEZ 1.204

Course Description

This course will examine the growing divergence between Democrats and Republicans in the United States in both the electorate and inside Congress. During the course, we will assume the role of both political junkie and political scientist in trying to understand the divide. Furthermore, we will investigate the connection (or lack thereof) between party dynamics among voters and among legislators.


Jeffrey M. Stonecash, Mark D. Brewer, and Mack D. Mariani. Diverging Parties: Social Change, Realignment, and Party Polarization.
Sean M. Theriault. Party Polarization in the U.S. Congress.
John C. Green and Paul S. Herrnson. Responsible Partisanship? The Evolution of American Political Parties Since 1950.
Morris P. Fiorina. Culture Wars? The Myth of a Polarized Electorate.
A course packet will comprise about half of the readings for the course.


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